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  1. skippy

    99 wr400 rear wheel?

    Id like to do the same. My bearings slop around in the rear hub & Id like to buy a second hand wheel to replace it, but off what??
  2. Ive pulled apart my rear master cyclinder to clean it out but Im not sure which way the washer that goes onto the end of the threaded push rod goes. It has a resess in the middle of it. Is the hollow side to the piston or to the threaded side. [up or down]
  3. skippy

    spring codes

    Thanks Frezno, Now I can see how there rated
  4. skippy

    spring codes

    I have a wr400 & the rear shocky spring has some numbers printed on it. Im wondering what they mean' Eibach 26/98 892.0067.0 Is this a heavy spring or a light spring? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the advice Oneal make larger sizes Cheers. I think I'll go & order some pizza, garlic bread & coke now.
  6. I'm 6'4'' tall & 145kg's. So I dont have any trouble getting traction.
  7. I'm after some 7XL size riding gear Jersey & pants. I have a 53 inch waist & my casual shirt size is 7XL There is nothing available in Australia so I need to buy online. thanks in advanced.
  8. skippy


    Hook I have a IT 490 for the dunes & a WR400 for everything else. Don't go too small on the rear sprocket. Also make shore that the bike is running a little rich, the sand makes them run very hot. I put a 10mm hole in the top of my piston because it was a little lean. See you out there.
  9. skippy


    Hook, Are you riding at stockton beech? I too live in Newcastle & ride at Stockton beech. I deathently reconmend useing a paddle tyre. Other wise the bike just sits there screaming it's head off & not going anywhere. Top gear, wide open, down near the water with a 90FT roost spraying out the back.
  10. skippy

    PJ-1 Frame Paint Issue

    Im keen to know what paint matches the colour aswell. Let us know.
  11. skippy

    road trips- missing.

    My wr400-99 runs great in the bush but then I ride it on the road for 10 minute or more it developes a miss. But when I get back into the bush it clears up & disapears. The jetting is fabulous for the bush but i think that it might be too rich for the road. The jetting is 168mj, 200maj, emm# 5, 38pj, 65paj, I am only useing half throttle on the road. Any idears?
  12. skippy

    Swingarm Bolt - Help I can't get it out!!!

    I've done 3 of these. It is easy. Get a blow torch & have a low heat setting. Put the torch hard up to the pivot bolt so that the flame goes inside the hollow pivot bolt on the threaded side. You dont want any of the flame excapeing onto the frame. It will only take about 10 to 15 seconds to heat up. It is important not to over heat the bolt because you will melt the seals & bearings . Let it cool down & then start to hit it out. If it doesn't move reheat it again the same way but this time make it slightly hotter. It is a good idear to have some water ready to cool the seals. Let it cool again & try to hit it out again. It should come out easy.
  13. skippy

    $200 Cdn bearing lesson

    Every 6 months for the swing arm & every 12 months for the stearing. Every 3 months for the kick starter & foot brake pivot When you oil the chain also put some chain lube on the foot pegs & clutch leaver , front brake leaver.
  14. What are ZERCS.? They sound like grease nipples but im not shore.
  15. skippy

    Arrggh!!! What have I done to my poor bike?

    Tall sidewalls mean no puntchers but it feels like the tyre squiggles while going around fast smooth corners. But you can aford to use lower tyre presures.