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  1. kluverk

    What desert tanks do you recommend for the 06 wr450?

    I have an 04' wr450 and just put on an IMS 3.4 gallon tank. its has a nice low profile and you can use the stock seat (04 model). I've done an 80 mile day in moab with fuel to spare, even after offering up gass to friends who ran out. They offer a crossover line so you dont have to turn the bike upsidedown to get the reamaining fuel over from the right lobe of the tank. I didn't go that route because the petcock is a bit close to the header but after tipping the bike over myself (on purpose) I would get the crossover.
  2. kluverk

    Starter removal 04'wr450

    I don't think my last post was that clear. I'm looking for a leftside crankcase cover for an '04 wr450 that does not have the locations for the torque limiter or idle gear. It would be nice to have a cover (OEM or other) that you don't have to cork up after removing the starter. ive seen them on newer models, I think. . .