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    Dirt biking, dirt biking and dirt biking!!
  1. tommyj

    Carnegie SVRA court hearing

    This makes me want to move out of california! but i guess we're under attack thoughout the whole country...
  2. tommyj

    Motor Mount Fitting

    try posting this in the yamaha forum. I'm sure sombody will know there.
  3. tommyj

    bent radiator "?"

  4. tommyj

    2010 Thor gear!!

    When you buy your own gear...(parents don't buy it for you)... You kinda care about it a little more.
  5. tommyj

    Brand new bars but they look bent???

    Can you have this same problem with stock clamps?
  6. tommyj

    Brand new bars but they look bent???

    I try to tighten all of the bolts down evenly. maybe you tightened down your right side first, and it's out of allignment?? just a guess.
  7. tommyj

    When did you start riding?

    Almost five years ago. Started on a 04 WR 250f, moved up to a 06 yz450f. Took the first two summers off, but been riding ever since!!
  8. tommyj

    What Company For Backrounds

    180 decals. They look great and they ship them pretty fast. Had mine for 2 years and they're still looking good!
  9. I haven't seen anybody paint them around here. But I do see people put the graphics kits on them...they look pretty cool.
  10. tommyj

    Thor AC vented pants

    I have a set of the 07 AC gear. It's all i wear in the summer. Pretty good air flow...
  11. tommyj

    Killer deal on a TLD SE lid...

    That is a good price. Too bad I just bought one.
  12. Man, that was a scary story. I'm glad he was smart enough to turn around and find his way back. That's one of my worst fears!
  13. I did the helicoil a couple of years ago and never had a problem. I change my oil all the time and the drain bolt NEVER leaks. Super easy to do too.
  14. tommyj

    Alessi Broken Knee Cap...........?

    :lol: G.R.O.A.T???