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  1. requiem

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    I put some decals on my 17sx.
  2. requiem

    2017 KTM first impression

    But what if you're in Canada?
  3. requiem

    2016 ktm graphics... its a joke right?

    Can't please everyone, I think these are the best in a while... It's just a pattern. Post a pic of what you consider to be nice graphics for context?
  4. requiem

    Pushing wide through corners!

    Weight the outside peg more.
  5. requiem

    When did they get so light weight?

    ^This. My 2011 250sx is without doubt the best 2t I have owned, and I have had many.
  6. requiem

    arm pump!

    Stop holding on so tight! It really works...
  7. requiem

    Got mine 2011 450 SXF today !

    Hey Ville, Like yourself I am on my 4th new KTM in 4 years...Do you run a hour meter? If so how many hours do you usually put on your rides before you trade up? Cheers
  8. requiem

    250sx jetting by the book?

    I rode my 2008 at the same elev/temps. I would go with a 40 pilot and a 160 or 162 main depending on your preference. Both mains are fine but will give you a different power delivery. For the needle I used one from the 06 yz? Lots of ppl recommended it and it was by far the best! I had it in the 3rd clip...Maybe someone will chime in with the needle # as I sold my 2t and have a ass memory.
  9. My 2010 450sfx did not come with any jets, even more disappointing is the fact that there is no jetting table in the manual like the 2strokes have...
  10. requiem

    new 09 KTM 250 SX

    After having 2strokes for the past 20yrs I just switched to a 2010 450sfx. My last bike was a 2008 250sx and it was hands down the nicest most fun 2stroke I ever owned/rode. Your going to love it!
  11. requiem

    2 stroke EFI

    Your fading away Dwight...
  12. requiem

    sharp pain in hip after i run?

    Sounds like your getting old! Im having the same issue....
  13. requiem

    CR, KX, RM, YZ- What they stand for

    There is a lot of "pdoma" in this thread.... pulled directly outa my ass
  14. requiem

    Post pics of your last ride

    Saturday on Vancouver Island...
  15. requiem

    Michelin MS3 vs MH3

    My observation as well! I get around 5 more hours of riding on the MH3.