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  1. Codeblue

    Target Heart Rate

    Hello my name is Matt and I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT). I thought maybe I could help on this subject. The first thing you wan't to do is figure out what your "maximum heart rate" is. Your heart rate should never go above this number. To do this you simply subtract your age from the number 220. So, if you are 30 years old your maximum heart rate is 190 (220-30=190). For effective (fat burning) cardio vascular exercise your heart rate must be between 60%-80% of your maximum heart rate. So, for 190 that would mean between 114 and 152 beats per minute (190x60%=114, 190x80%=152). This is what is known as your target zone. Now your heart rate must be in the target zone for approximately 20min before any fat burning begins. This is the amount of time it takes for you to burn the available energy in your body and the stored energy in your liver. But after that it's pure fat burning. So after 20 minutes goes by and you want to quit, just remember you've just begun to hit the fat. Hope that helps!
  2. Codeblue

    Pipe problems

    Thanks Burned and JSanfilippo. Where can I get just a pilot jet at? DynoJet says they don't sell them.
  3. Codeblue

    Pipe problems

    I talked to DynoJet and they said to try going from the 3rd to the 4th clip on the needle. What do you think?
  4. I have a 2004 Ca model DRZ 400E and have done the following mods: Yosh full SS RS3 Removed intake snorkel Main jet - 155 Pilot jet - stock Fuel screw - 3.5 turns 3rd clip on needle (all according to DynoJet specs) The pipe came with the TEC-SB(98db) insert in it. The bike functions perfectly with the insert. The problem is when I take the TEC out it feels like it has more power initially then it seems to hesitate for about a half second then takes off again. There also seems to be more popping on deceleration. Can someone help me with this. I really like the power of the open pipe. I have ordered the spark arrestor without the noise restrictor.
  5. Codeblue

    new guy with drz400

    I already checked with Brurned, he said to go with the stage 2 "Ca only" Dynojet kit. No cutting needed for 3x3 mod on Cali E. Just remove intake snorkel and 3x3 hole is created. This will work well with the new Yosh RS3 that's comming.
  6. Codeblue

    new guy with drz400

    Because mine is the "California model" and comes with the Mikuni not the FCR
  7. Codeblue

    new guy with drz400

    Hey, I'm just learning myself and I'm 38 years old! I feel like I've wasted my entire youth! Then again, this bike makes me feel like I'm a kid again grinning from ear to ear. I live in Nuevo, Ca about 20 miles north of Temecula. People come for miles to ride on the trails that are right in my back yard. I don't even need a truck! I have a new 04 DRZ400E and am getting ready to make some mods (Yoshimira RS3 full system, Dynojet kit). Can't wait! The people on this forum are the best, they'll tell you everything you need to know.
  8. Codeblue

    Newbie needs help!

    Thanks burned! You're the best!
  9. Codeblue

    Newbie needs help!

    The stage 2 instructions (I'm getting the Yosh full RS3) say to remove the intake snorkel (nothing about the 3x3). Should I NOT do the 3x3 and just remove the snorkel? Also, it says: 155 main jet 3rd clip 3.5 turns fuel screw Does this sound right? Thanks again!
  10. Codeblue

    Newbie needs help!

    Sorry, it's a 2004
  11. I have a stock (California model) DRZ400E. I have been reading this forum for a few weeks now and have decided to make some mods to my bike. Yosh full RS3, 3x3, and dynojet kit seem to be the standard mods on this bike. I don't know much about working on bikes so I am going to have someone do the work for me but I would like to by the gear here. Can someone please tell me what settings I need to pass on to my buddy. I do mostly trail riding at about 1500 ft.(temp= 50-90f) Also, do you think I should get the Hotcams? if so, which ones. Thanks, you guys are the best!
  12. Codeblue

    DRZ Gel Seat...Worth buying?

    Is this seat still for sale?