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  1. eligabby

    help with rear tire shimmy

    I have a nearly new 2004 450F just replaced rear tire at friends house who has all the tools including tire mounting and balancing equipment. Tire was balanced and put back on. As soon I rode down the street I could tell something was out of whack. Tire shimmy's very bad, everything looks ok, my buddy says he has never seen anything like it. does anyone have similar experience and tips to get this working properly? I got it figured out, my buddy said to me: you have some loose spokes, he tightened spokes that had a different ping sound than the others, found out he must have adjusted one side to much, causing the rim to wobble. I am having the spokes retuned/tightened by a repair shop, hope that does it.
  2. eligabby

    2004 WR450F Gas Tank Question

    Ok, I am sold on the Acerbis, but where do you get the after market shrouds to fit the new tank? Thank You, Steve G.
  3. eligabby

    2004 WR450F Gas Tank Question

    Thanks for the info. Just one more question? Can you use the exisiting shrouds with the Acerbis 3.4 tank? Thanks, Steve G.
  4. Hi Guys, Just purchased an almost brand new 2004 450F, many of the threads have plenty of comments on the newer 2007 and up 450F's, not too much on the older models. I checked Clarke website, it appears they don't even make a 3.1 or 3.2 tank except for 2007-2009. IMS makes a 3.1 tank for 2004, just wondering if anybody has this tank? Reading alot about the petcock having to move to other side of bike. Is this true for the 2004 model? If you have the IMS tank for 2004 model can you use existing shrouds?
  5. We were not able to release the tension, everything went back together, and I have rode the bike 200 plus miles with no problems. Do you think I will still have problems?
  6. Hello Everyone, Just adjusted the valves on my 05 450X, had a friend with 450 valve experience. We did run into one problem. Could not figure out how to release the chain tensioner? We were able to muscle it back together, do you need to purchase special tool? Any help would be gretly appreciated.
  7. eligabby

    Kick starting

    Until you get the battery replaced try holding the starter button while you are kick starting the bike. It helps. I purchased my replacement battery from Batteryweb.com They had the exact OEM battery, it was $89.00 plus $9.00 shipping. Good Luck.
  8. eligabby

    How long does a 450x Battery Last

    I have had my bike almost 1 year, no problems with battery, just start it up and ride and every couple of weeks. My buddy bought the same bike (used) only 205 miles on it. His bike was less than 6 months old, and his battery was dead. We purchased him a new battery from Battery Web.com. Perfect replacement, appeared to be O.E.M. No problems with new battery.
  9. eligabby

    Clarke 3.4

    I don't have picture, but I have that tank. it fits great, looks fine, you can still use the stock shrouds, they fit perfect, takes 20 minutes to install. The tank will allow you to run approximately 125 to 130 miles with reserve.
  10. eligabby

    ThumperTalk Skid Plates

    Haven't seen the Thumper Talk skid plate, I purchased the Devol skid plate for around $90.00, it is to install, uses original skid plate screws, and does the job for $100.00 less than the works plate. Good Luck.
  11. eligabby

    450x IMS tanks

    Dude, the 4.0 tank is ridiculously big. Looks absolutly hideous. Go with the IMS 3.2 or the Clarke 3.4. I installed the Clarke 3.4 and it fits perfect, and I get 115 miles plus another 15 -20 miles on reserve. You cannot use the tank shrouds with the 4.0 tank. You can use the shrouds with the IMS 3.2 or the Clarke 3.4 tanks.
  12. eligabby

    450x IMS tanks

    The 4.0 tank looks like a behemoth,can't use the stock shrouds, etc. Unless you plan on riding baja, or really long trips the 4.0 tanks really make the bike look like crap. I have the Clarke 3.4 tank, you can still use the shrouds and the bike still looks and handles great. I can go 130 plus miles on the 3.4 tank.
  13. eligabby

    Substitute battery

    I purchased an OEM YUSA Battery from BatteryWeb.com The cost was $89.95 plus $8.50 shipping.
  14. eligabby

    full QT of oil in the trans?

    Just buy the Honda 80-85wt. quart bottle, IT IS A RED BOTTLE WITH A BLACK CAP!!! It says HP TRANS OIL.
  15. eligabby

    I Might be Joining the X Clan

    You can't go wrong. My buddies and I went desert trail riding last Sunday, I had the 450X, the other guy had a CRF250R and the other guy had a KTM620. The guy with the 250 did not enjoy the desert riding, his bike was too light, it threw him around, etc. I let him try my 450X, he could not believe the difference. The 450X is stable, medium weight, and handles like a dream. The bike eats up rocky terrain. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!!!