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  1. I have just fitted a comp Yosh system to my 05 450X - and found that (I guess due to the increaded header diam) its melts/fouls the connector pipe from Rad to water pump. Has anyone experienced this and do you have any known mods which I can try. Thanks , your input is appreciated
  2. Thanks for the feedback to date , my weight is 86kgs - not 68kgs (not since I was sixteen anyway....) I find the shake starts on acceleration rather than deceleration - so will follow your advice and see what happens. Cheers , y'r'all good
  3. Chaps , This is driving me mad - Whenever I get my 450X fully open in 4th & 5th it suffers from very bad head shake (mini- tank slapper trying to happen) , its even noticeable from the guys behind me who can see me wrestling with it !! I ride in the desert so its a mix of fast trails and dunes - have set the rear sag in the Honda workshop so they say thats OK - even tried a Scott stabalizer but it just didn't really help and transferred the problem to the rear end... chassis is basically bog standard I weigh 86kgs all geared up ....can I have your views, thoughts and advice on where I should look to sort this out. Q I have are: Should I raise/drop the forks .. ? Stiffer springs ? anythings else ??? Cheers y'all
  4. I think you will find that the 450X is the same (chassis) whether its a us SPEC or Euro spec (mine is US) and the parts fit just fine. I am based in Dubai and they took payment/order over the phone and posted within 3 days. Ta
  5. Try the link below , worked for me.
  6. Mate , I can barely plug the PC in so am not surprised..... try a google search...its worth it
  7. Y'know when u order off the web and the parts look great but sometimes leave u dissapointed when they arrive... , well here is one which is different, I recently ordered a bunch of parts from the website of and was just blown away with the high quality and machining of the parts upon delivery. For the price these parts are awesome value for money - just wanted to share this news with you so you too can be "blown away" Cheers
  8. undefined I have just purchased a new and full Yoshi TRC system with the Carbon Fibre Sleeve - as I bought it on Ebay it had no fitting kit nor instructions - however all fits well with the OEM bolts etc. My questions are: Is there a need to have a circlip bracket made to cover the outer pipe where they interface - as the header is at least 4 cm inside the tailpipe I cannot see how gases would escape but would welcome your views .... What are the benfits of removing the spark arrestor - its the two piece end cap and can be removed in seconds - I am not req legally to have one -- should it stay or go ??? As always , thanks for your help and input - can't wait to hear it.. PS : Great website for quality ali parts : , I got a bunch of parts for my CRF and have never seen such high quality at a low price.
  9. I run a 2005 CRF450X and am getting next to zero grip in the sand - looking at my tyres yesterday I noted that the chain had ripped off pretty much 80% of the nobbles on the side. I checked the tyre sizes to get replacements (hopefully pirelli laguba cross) and found the the rear is 140x80x18 and the front is 90x90x21. On checking today I found the stock sizes are quoted as : Rear 110x100x18 and front 80x100x21. Any views on the best tyre (and sizes) I should go for - most of my riding is in the desert on soft/med soft trails/dunes - paddle tyres dont work for me - I really like the Laguna Cross tyres but need to get your views on the best sizing. Cheers for reading and hope u can help.. Rob
  10. Rather than trim the plastic I opted for re-drilling the holes - works fine but its still a snug fit and retains the stock plastics. I think they need to check their jig - I assumed my guards was a friday afternnon job but I guess not. Gd Luck
  11. Cheers Matt - appreciate the info,
  12. Help , I am onto my second petrol tank , they just keep splitting near the filler cap and then down to the cowling bolts. Am I just being unlucky or is there a common problem here ? If anyone has a fix I would be keen ot hear it - or if anyone has a tank for sale that would be good too. Maybe it due to the heat ?? Cheers
  13. I ride in the desert - get about 80km till reserve - 40% time is fast and topped out rest of the time 2nd & 3rd gear climbs/tricky bitzz. I usually find it best to stop every 20kms or so to let it all cool down - partic with the transmission concerns we are all hearing about. Hope it helps , enjoy
  14. Thanks for the input -looks like I should try the Dunlop 773's if I can't find my favourite Pirelli's.... Cheers All
  15. The time has come where I have to give up on the stock rubber - its really poor in the sand.... Can I get some views on which tyres you guys feel is best suited to the CRF 450x - mine is a 2005 model and is used in the soft /med snad and sandy /desert trails - needs to be able to turn tight and grip .... On my Yam YZF250 I used Pirreli Laguna Cross which were awesome - will they work on the CRF Appreciate any/all replies so I can make my choices... Cheers and have a fantastic day Rob