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  1. Ok here is what works best for me for cold starts and I get a start 1 kick every time now. Choke it, give the throttle 2 wist of gas, then find tdc and kickit boom starts right up for me.
  2. I was out this weekend and noticed a small crack in frame (cirecle area by gastank) and was woundering can i just get this welded?
  3. no 03 cam, i try to find tdc release the compresion tell the kick fals an inch let it come up and kick
  4. Ok ok i ride a wr 450 06, bought my son a 2002 yz250 and it kills me to start it...it takes forever i know im doing something wrong, because all my other freinds can start it like nothing. Thanks for your tips
  5. vorra65 Im in CA and my 2006 WR 450 is a green sticker, what makes the 03 WR 450 a red sticker? I think its a green sticker unlike the 03 yz250f/yz450f which are redstickers.