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  1. OK, so I have been to Croom, nice place. I am looking for some local trials I can take my 14 year old son on to learn without the hour drive each way. I find it had to believe with all of this land that there are no trails to burn up.... If anyone knows of any, please let me know!
  2. Yamaha

    Nice... I guess it will be decided in the trails and who has the biggest bawls. If speed won't take him, skill will fry him!
  3. Yamaha

    My buddy just purchased a 2008 Canam 800X, he is saying it will stomp my YFZ450, anyone out there seen one in action. I know it is a 600 pound PIG so I am betting I will roast his ass, that and the fact I am 30 pounds lighter than him as well...
  4. Yamaha

    Fully adjustable front and rear shocks
  5. The PSO snapped on install. Dose anyone have a Main Jet Adapter DJA001 I will pay for it and postage...
  6. Yamaha

    The main jet is still in, I will mess with the air and idle settings. I cant imagine what else could be wrong...
  7. Yamaha

    Ok, So I put on a new slip-on, installed a Dyno jet kit 48 pilot and 68 main, removed the air box cover. The quad fired right up and I rode it around my yard with TONS of power and instant throttle response. Fast forward 3 weeks to yesterday. I start the quad on the second try, ride it up into my truck and after the one hour trip the the pits,, I unload the quad it starts but reluctantly. Idles for about 45 seconds stalls out and will not restart. I have a full tank of gas so that is not it. I get home pull the carb and find the float was sticking a bit. Clean it all up put it back together and nothing. Gas is getting to the carb (at least the bowl if getting gas). ***!! I did notice these are three jets in my carb. I assume long thin brass screw on the bottom is the air mix? What is the big black screw knob near where the wires attach? HELP ME bruthas!
  8. Yamaha

    Ok, So I picked up the quad. Now I am 6'3" with ape arms. I need a bar riser and bar set up. I ride in the woods and trails. I want to get a Pro Taper or Renthal. The stock bars hit my knees so I need height and width. What are your recommendations? I really do not want to change all of the cables...
  9. Yamaha

    Need a good "one stop shop" for my YFZ. Hook a brutha up!
  10. Yamaha

    Cool, I intend to trail ride the quad. I did put new seals, impeller shaft, and bearings in the YZ400, still had the same issue but that is old news! I am about a day away from swinging a leg over the new quad and looking forward to it.
  11. Yamaha

    Hey guys, I am about to get a mint 05 YFZ 450. I wanted to ask about over heating. I just got rid of a 98 YZ400F which, once I was able to start it, would always over heat and drip coolant out the weep hole on the bottom of the water pump which I guess is industry standard. So how is the YFZ on this? TIA
  12. Ok, ok, I know, search the archives! I just did on this and found a world of info. Glad to see it is a simple fix! A few seals, a Captian & Coke and some good old Deep Purpe in the background on Friday night and I will be good to go!
  13. I recently purchased a 98 YZ400F (only ridden it around the yard), I just finished messing around with it and was checking fluids. I noticed the radiator was not full, so I filled it up. Then I rolled it out and fired it up to set he idol ect. A bunch of coolant cam poring out of the bottom, so I tool the engine guard off and started it again to see where is was leaking. I noticed a small hole in the bottom of the water pump that looks like a screw is missing. It is not the coolant drain plug, but rather on the very bottom of the water pump in the case. Anyone know what this is? I am guessing a screw is missing?? Bill
  14. And according to the guys at Factory Effex, kits will filt from 1998 YZ400 all the way up to an 2002 YZ426...
  15. I am looking to put a new graphics kit on my 98 YZ400. I wanted to know if the kits offered for a 2002 YZ250 will fit my bike. I was under the impression that the bikes were pretty much the same? I found a nice Factory Effex FXR kit I like but can not find cross references for fitments.