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  1. JRozman

    velcro seal savers

  2. JRozman

    2007 450/525exc

    CJ, thanks, I will call them to see if they have any more!!!! I assume by your screen name you fly for a living.......so do I. Jess
  3. JRozman

    2007 450/525exc

    Company move package......would prefer to keep crated. Any quick info would be great. I need to buy and ship before Dec 31st. Thanks, Jess
  4. JRozman

    2007 450/525exc

    Where can I buy a 2007 450exc or 525exc the cheapest OTD. I can ship for free so I don't care where it is....even overseas. Thanks... Jess
  5. JRozman

    aluminum throttle tube?

    Make sure you didn't slide it on too far and the bar is causing friction.
  6. I was on the starting gate this weekend next to a yz250f (30+ open) and looked down to see about 3 inches of his head pipe glowing red hot!!!! It was at night, under the lights , and his bike was only running for a little over 2 minutes. I guess thats normal. I am new to 4 strokes so I thought something was wrong.
  7. JRozman

    Spring behind oil filter

    Thanks guys, Grey, that was the case with my CRT filter. It has one rubber pad inboard and the cover was snug. They are the same size when held next to each other, the OEM just had 2 rubber pads and the filter itself was shorter. Calvin, I suspected the instructions were universal. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the info!! Jess
  8. I just put in my CRT oil filter in my 2006 yz450f and in the directions it said use the stock spring. I took out my oil filter and found no such spring. No mention in the manual either. Is there one?????? 4 stroke newby, Jess
  9. JRozman

    Stock Chain of 06

    Just bought a used '06 yz450f. Does this bike require a spacer on the front sproket like a CRF if you use a DID 520 x ring? Thanks, Jess