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  1. I have a uncorked uni filter equipped stock suspended 2002 XR650R in almost new condition. I purchased a few months ago and the suspension on this bike is the most confusing I have ever owned. Previously I have had XR250, XR400.......YZ426 (I strayed for more power) and now a XR650R. The other bikes were easy to dial in. The 250 needed fork spacers,thicker fork oil and perfect landings. The 400 heavier fork springs to control headshake and balance it to the rear (best all round bike I had) and the 426 was light years ahead of the 400 so I worked with what I had. The 650 felt great the first few times I rode it, high speed smoothness on smaller jumps and rollers was excellent........now the kinks are showing badly. The forks hate braking bumps and sharp holes. The mid stroke harshness acts like the forks do not move at all, yet they blow through on harder landings. The rear shock kicks up on short faced jumps or whoops. . I have set the sag at 3.75 inches and compression at 10 clicks out compression and 13 out on rebound. I have been reading other forums and they suggest replacing the whale snot fork oil so I am going to do that......any recommendations on what kind or brand. I will also raise the level to help with the bottoming so harshly. The rear seems to be more complexing. The shock is very stiff on bumps in mid turn and over roots, at the same time it seems to be missing the progressive raising rate when jumping, almost a linear rate. I weight 175 lbs. ready to ride so I feel like the spring rates are in the ball park. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    70 tires

    I installed the Kenda Carlsbad on my sons XR70 with 1 tooth smaller front sprocket. The bike pulled his weight much better and the new rear tire seems to perfrom very well @ Durhamtown where we ride. Best of all, he likes it. I think all of the tires for this size bike perform well simply because they are low on power and anything is better than the dual sport looking stockers. Let your son help in the tire selection and he will be sure and like it!

    TTR 125LE SLIM FAST flywheel

    Thanks for all the help. I am going to pull it apart this weekend and machine 13 oz. or more if possible from the fly wheel. I just wanted to make sure it was worth while, I did not want to pull it apart if you could only remove 3 or 4 oz. Thanks again for all the replies.

    TTR 125LE SLIM FAST flywheel

    I have been gathering very helpful information from here for quite sometime regarding my sons ttr125le and this is my first post. I have rejetted the carb,vented the air box and opened up the exhaust per the sticky at the top of the forum, but here is my question.>>>>>> I have read about removing almost 1 lb. from the flywheel of this bike but all of the photos and how to refer to the L model not LE. I have reviewed the manual and the material on the back of the flywheel looks like it has a counterbore and is used to center the starter gear and it would be difficult to remove all the material, and retain the electric start it has now. Has anyone performed this mod. and how much weight did you have removed. Thanks