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  1. KXF250KID

    My 2005 KX250F has issues!

    I'm sure that it's not user error. My friends Yamaha never has this problem with either of us on it hot or cold and its a 4 stroke. I will be taking it to the shop this week and I will let you know how it goes.
  2. KXF250KID

    My 2005 KX250F has issues!

    "Well, Like I posted in the other forum that if you might have searched. Hotstart." Yeah I read your post, and your post did not help. I have slow kicked, I have fast kicked, still does not work. Thanks anyway.
  3. KXF250KID

    My 2005 KX250F has issues!

    Purchased my bike new 3/05 have had trouble starting it since. There is prob. 25-30 hours on this bike. Initial problem: Took a lot of kicking to get is started after it shut off. Obviously the engine was hot, however so was my buddies YZF250. His starts with one kick. Between the two of us and another guy we finally get the damn thing started (30 minutes later). This happens on multiple occasions over the next few months and I am disgusted. Supposed solution: Last Summer took to my local dealer. Tells me 4 strokes can be difficult. (Funny he left that out when I was shopping for the bike). Suggest that since I am short (5'6), I should use longer stroke to kick over. Service guy re-jets carb says it was too lean. New plug and $100 later it starts great cold. Next three rides: Take long stroke, w/ piston top dead center, bike starts like a champ. I ride for approx 20-30 minutes. Shut off for approx. 30 minutes, to drink some water and take a whiz. Try to start the bike, won't start. Long stroke, top dead center, use hot start lever, all that jazz. Kick until I fall over. Won't start. This bike is practically new and well maintained and all I have now is a $5700 pain in the a$$. Does anyone have a suggestion? Has anyone had similar problems? I need help because I am about to throw this damn thing off of an overpass.
  4. KXF250KID

    knee braces

    I heard that some knee braces are covered by some health insurace companies. Has anyone done this. What ever the cost, braces are way less than surgery.
  5. I am having problems starting my '05 KX250F after is gets hot. I have tried using the hot start while piston is top dead center with very little success. If I happen to stall or fall, I usually have to kick 25 times or more to get the thing started again. By then I am almost too tired to ride. The other day it took me, my best friend, and my brother-in-law taking turns kicking to get it started. Anyone else have the same problem or possible a solution? Any help you could provide would be appreciated.