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  1. sadams75

    Valve adjustment help needed.

    I re-shimmed and she starts great. I will ride a few hours and re-check. Thanks for all the info.
  2. What makes it engage and disengage? Can you still use the clutch lever as a manual override? What happens if your in the air (in gear) and apply the rear brake to level your bike?
  3. sadams75

    Valve adjustment help needed.

    If I completely replace the valve, how can I determine the proper shim size needed prior to installing the valve? Is there a standard starting point?
  4. sadams75

    Valve adjustment help needed.

    I new to this and haven't heard of Ti valves, where did you purchase them? BTW, I never skimp on beer, unless it's free beer.
  5. sadams75

    Valve adjustment help needed.

    Assuming the valves have mushroomed, does this usually require a spring replacement as well? I've read that Kibblewhite offers a stainless valves and a valve spring kit, the valves alone aren't too expensive, but the spring kit is quite a bit more. Don't want to spend the extra cash if it is not necessary.
  6. My '03 CRF450R has become extremely hard to start. Once started all is fine, including restart. I was told the valves needed adjusting so I took the cover off to check my tolerances. My exhaust valves are within tolerance, my rocker arm needed slight adjustment, however I was unable to get even a 0.001" feeler gauge between the CAM and intake valve. I would have thought the valve clearance would have increase with wear, rather than decrease. Assuming this decreased clearance was measured correctly, Will I need to remove shims rather than add them, or will the entire valve and or spring need to be replaced? Also, is the special tool shown in the manual necessary or will some other common tool suffice?