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  1. I heard it was hot as hell even in cold creek last weekend and the forecast says blazin hot this weekend. Unless you get out there at 6 am but even so it gets hot at like 9 am.
  2. kenshinrider

    Boulder City, NV MX Track?

    yea If this is the same proposed track im thinking of then it was choked because the insurance requirments were to much for the developer.
  3. kenshinrider

    SM in vegas...

    where do you live in nev.?? and whats your schedule like?
  4. kenshinrider

    vegas ride anybody

    I pm'd you...but basically I'm gonna be outta town that weekend, but any other time and I'm there...so keep postin the rides
  5. kenshinrider

    Nelson Ride Sat may 13th

    well....thanks for the warning...I thought legally it had to be marked every so often in order to get ticketed for riding there?
  6. kenshinrider

    Nelson Ride Sat may 13th

    Hey, Me and a couple other guys are going up to nelson hills this weekend on sat. Were gonna meet up around 8:00-8:30 so PM me if your interested.
  7. kenshinrider

    First success with tire install

    I dread changing tires...as does everyone who changes tires I would imagine...lube is really worth its weight in gold in this situation... How much do they charge you up there?
  8. kenshinrider

    Two 06 YZ250F's Go Pop

    Is this a problem with the 06 yz's only...I havent heard of any WR's doing this, or what about 450's? Has anyone heard of any other 06's blowing up or is it only the yz250's thats got the bad valves?
  9. kenshinrider

    Getting a GREEN STICKER in Nevada??

    ok cool....thank you for the info guys(and girls)....
  10. kenshinrider

    Getting a GREEN STICKER in Nevada??

    Sorry to bring up an old subject...but thank you for the information never the less...
  11. kenshinrider

    Getting a GREEN STICKER in Nevada??

    Does any one know what I have to do in order to ride my 06' WR250F in California where they got that silly red/green sticker program going on?? I have family in Cali and go down there quite a bit and do not want to have to worry about getting crap from anybody. Since my bike is green sticker ready it shouldn't be that hard right? Since I'm outta state do I actually have to get a green sticker...or will the DMV give me a temp permit or something?
  12. kenshinrider

    HELP! Need a places in Vegas that can fix my radiator

    If its a small hole couldnt you use some JB weld on it?
  13. kenshinrider

    Cold Creek Ride this SAT the 29th

    Me and Thunderstick666 are planning a Cold Creek ride this Sat (April 29th). We will ride over the Wheeler pass to Pahrump, fuel up, grab a bite to eat, and head back. We will be meeting at the McDonalds just off the 95 on Durango at 8:30. PM me if you think you can make it.
  14. kenshinrider

    Is it true?

    I paid all in...but I saved my A$$ off for like a year. The dealers around here have pretty good financing avail. I saw one for $100 a month for 36 months 0% interest then you payments jumped up to like $145 a month with a fixed interest of 8.9% or something.
  15. kenshinrider

    Is it true?

    Yea...the 06' is the best out right now...but its also the most money...like what was said befor its all about what your budget can afford. The 05-06 engine is practically the same...whats improved is suspension and ergonomics. They're both awesome bikes and cant go wrong either way. 03-06 are all great choices. I wouldn't go below 03' personally because of autodecomp and other minor issues.