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  1. YZ450t

    cornering help

    Pick a turn ,from a standing start , with no momentum carrying you go thru it a couple times starting at the beginning of the turn . Get to where your bike just wont go any faster. Now , same turn , back up (start further away) 50-100 feet...same drill..while you will be getting in deeper , with more momentum you will be forcing your braking to happen harder and will get back on the gas sooner. You already will have the feeling of how it is so you will progress faster that just doing the lap to lap thing .Eventually , you will be at a speed that will suprise you.
  2. Ive always used the day lites out of it . Since the rear wheel will loose traction when one does the rapid 4th to 1st down shift (or what ever) there for not causing damage to the gears . Much like having compression dampening cranked on the rear , all going to happen is the tire loosing grip . Think of being 100% traction . Like on a sport bike . I think however you will have more control more of the time using it though .
  3. YZ450t

    Yamaha is stacked!!!

    Pretty strong team....now if they can go back to the yellow and black lol.
  4. YZ450t

    Sweeping turns

    Keep weight on the outside peg , outside elbow up, sit about as far forward as you can on the seat . Look at the turns themselves , you can probably actually see something that you can get (berm usage) out of around the apex of most turns . Start a gear high threw em ,and roll the gas on . In time , you will be able to lean farther than you think while not being as worried about the back end coming around .
  5. YZ450t

    trade my cr500 for a 450 ?

    Having been on 500's since they were made nearly , I can tell you from my view . I have never had a CR500 or a KX500 that was in bad enough shape to trade for what is currently being sold . If yours is completely thrashed , and you are looking as a way out of it , maybe . I really like my 450f . I loved my 500s . Working on any 2t is childs play (easier to keep them at there best) rather than " ohh it will be ok until I get around to it" Absolutly nothing wrong with 450s , I just wouldnt trade what I used to have for what I have now .
  6. My favorite type of abuse , . I have always found this to work for me . Assuming you can pick out section say under 10 of them , make a straight imaginary line (probably be at some what of an angle) where you can exit them after the 10 . Ive practiced blasting thru a few of them getting timing down several times before tackling the whole section . Key things to remember is dont change speed once you enter them , and keep butt off the seat and as close as you can to just "kiss" the tops of each whoop ,the better .Start with a small set ,get the speed up ,then grab more of them . Trying to get faster and the end of the section ,than at the beginning usually gets one in trouble when the front wheel lands between them and momentum makes the back end come up ,which in turn the rider (soon not to be riding:foul: ) over corrects the body english by leaning way back over the rear fender and chopping the throttle , or grabbing a handful , and the bike ends up sideways .
  7. YZ450t

    Tea Party?

    I am still trying to figure out how one can be for abortion ,and also "lobby" for child safety rights ,ie worry that my kids will eat there little quads and motorcycles .
  8. You will be fine riding a 450 . My 450f wouldnt hold a candle to what I raced prior . Actually you mentioned quads , I have got myself in more "OH CRAP" situations while riding my 700 Raptor than my two wheeler . Nothing wrong with a 250f either ,I just prefer knowing that I dont need any momentum when I feel the need to go verticle . "Peg it and Go"
  9. Thats what I used to do . People thought "the guy is nuts" yea,I stand as acused:bonk:
  10. YZ450t

    New Racer

    Dont worry about doing much other than good maintenence to the bike ,in other words ,dont start spending money on hop-up stuff . Keep tires as fresh as possible . Take care of diet ,balance food (junk food?) .Grab a book by Barry Sears (spelling?) The guy been around ages ,and a giru in my opinion on food intake . Training , cardio ,something like a little longer than the race you are going to run . There was a guy from my hometown (ex multi national champ actually) who used to run with small weights in his hands for an hour in a sand wash during his training program . The weights force the body to use more oxygen at a faster pace . Hope something here helps ya ,ask and get an answer
  11. YZ450t

    Yesterday was a BAD day for Off Roaders

    I havent read it ,but will however ....but didnt these same people sign off some other Gov things that we will pay thru the for ? Its all about the power and control. Bail-outs ,etc,etc....personally ,as long as Pelosi and many others continue ,its only going to get worse . Here in SoCal , we have seen this stuff along time coming . Dont think for one second that my wants and needs are looked at . I havent noticed many of others met either . Change .
  12. YZ450t

    What does 'CR' stand for?

    close ratio/ wide ratio ,same thing . Then I look at the "MR" series only for guys?
  13. YZ450t

    What does 'CR' stand for?

    Thats what Ive always coined it as ,but then I look at my CBR1000 ,and a few other models . However you can see ,or in my case think I see something close . The old Trials bikes from Honda were TL now its in the car line .
  14. YZ450t

    What does 'CR' stand for?

    Its just the prefix that Honda uses on that line . The works bikes were RCs ,Yamaha has YZ yet the works bikes were known as OWs . Each factory has something close to this
  15. YZ450t

    california riders???

    I remember when they first opened that place . Was ok on my 250 , 500 ,third gear start ,and never shift . Used to see Jeff Emig (during his national title days) show up for a nite race .