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    riding, video games, dvd's. bmx
  1. see are eff

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    i love my Ramsey replica hjc
  2. see are eff

    air cooled in vegas desert?

    Hey Arin, were do you usually ride at in vegas?
  3. see are eff

    Who rides the longest wheelies?

    im not sure. maybe 60ft, just throttle wide open, 3rd gear or fourth. i = sucky at sloww wheelies
  4. see are eff

    My bike.........

    very nice bike
  5. see are eff

    who will win sunday????

    haah yeah, quite a few times in outdoors we saw that. haha
  6. see are eff

    air cooled in vegas desert?

    yeah im going have to join in on skipping the 230, you can get so much more out of it. and this is on a side note, riding in the summer is awfully hard anyways, but, you usually do get the whole place to your self lol. Very hot tempatures liek 105 and up tend to make my bike heat up.
  7. see are eff

    who will win sunday????

    im going saterdayy. so i will see how it goes. im hoping for bubba, he had a rough out doors, it would be nice to shut out RC a few times, show him whats up, mc? nahh. nothing against him, theres no way he can keep with them. maybe reed, i was at san diego last year when he beat ricky, everyone went nuts, it was sure nice to see another winner beside rc.
  8. see are eff

    CRF250 X and R: Photo and Total mods

    my crf 250 Mods. asv levers, Pro tapers, light speed foot pegs, works connection radiator braces, boysen clutch cover, light speed carbon fiber skid plate, boysen water pump, and quick shot accelerator pump, side winder sprocket,dirt digger clutch, hot rod cam.works connection hot start lever,works connection brake cap resovoir thingy. sorry for the weird angles the bikes were all fit tightly in the garage and didnt feel liek taking them all out to take some peekchurres
  9. see are eff

    Pinger Or Thumper?

    i would have to say there is no compariosn between a 250f, and 125. ive ridden both, and the 250f just hits harder accelerates better pulls harder, maintenece wise, there may be alittle bit more, liek always changing.checking the oil, but for the performance its all worth it
  10. see are eff

    Blue headpipe?

    for me. depends how i jetted it, when i first got it, and it had stock jetting, it ran really blue all towards the bend of the pipe, and noww i changed the main jet, and its all bluish/purple towards the back part of the pipe.
  11. see are eff

    Starting a CRF250R

    well this may not help, but for mine, after i shimmed it, it starts so nice now, first kick. and adjusting the fuel screw might help.