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  1. Interesting discussion guys....except the one who started the thread thinks 2 strokes are more efficent than a 4 stroke.....wrong. You may think this is so because a 2 stroke fires twice as many times as a 4 stroke per any given RPM but that does not make it more effecient. As a matter of fact a 4 stroke makes more efficient use of fuel than a 2 stroke!!!
  2. Twhit

    oil level ?

    I'll confirm what Jeff has recommended....7602 makes some nice stuff! I have installed one of their clutch covers with the oil level sight glass on my 06 TE510.....not only does it provide the sight glass but the assembly is stronger than a stock clutch cover. Tom
  3. Twhit

    tire size

  4. Not going to happen, legally, in California!!!
  5. Twhit

    Why are Husky exhausts on the left

    I thought they moved the exhaust from the right to the left so the airbox would melt!!! Just kidding Tom
  6. Twhit

    08 or 09 TE450 vs Honda CRF450X??

    The only input I'll provide is.......when it comes time for a valve adjustment, the Husky wins hands down as far as ease of doing it!!!! And, the Husky comes street legal.
  7. Twhit

    Thor Force knee gaurds bother me

    I also have a pair of the Thor Force knee guards. Mine don't seem to hinder knee flex, at least not that I've noticed. The straps will chaffe the back of your legs without the use of a knee sock....so I wear knee socks under the knee guards. However, It did take me a while to get used to the extra width of the knee guard hinges! Tom
  8. Twhit

    Flasher mounting

    On my 06 TE510...which is essentially the same set-up, I believe the little bracket the flasher unit attaches to bolts to the top triple clamp (in the center). My stock bracket lasted about a year before it failed from vibration. I fabricated a new heavier duty bracket and bolted it to the stock location. It hasn't failed yet but, time will tell. Also, the stock bracket for the horn failed also.....remounted the horn/new bracket in another location. Tom
  9. Isn't it obvious? I believe they are designed to have the strap in the front.
  10. Twhit

    Carb question.

    Take it to a good mechanic and save yourself the grief of trying to diagnose an engine issue, without the experience to do so.
  11. Out of all the explainations provided above, I'm suprised know one mentioned the most basic and significant difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke! A 2 stroke has a power impulse (fuel ignition) every complete rotation of the crank while a 4 stroke has a power impulse (fuel ignition) for every two complete rotations of the crank (one rotation of the crank = two strokes of the piston. So basically, a 2 stroke has twice as many power impulses as does a 4 stroke, at any given RPM! Tom
  12. Twhit

    Flexable Clearcoat?

    What ever clearcoat you choose, be sure it's compatible with your base coats....otherwise your base coat will lift and you will wind up removing it all to do again. Tom
  13. Twhit

    Knee Braces and Boots

    You may want to take a look at the SIDI Crossfires....absolutely a great boot!
  14. Twhit

    2006 510TE issues

    If the bike in question has been well maintained......buy it, you won't regret it. I went from a 2002 CRF450R (set-up for the desert) to a TE510 and have never wished I still had the CRF. The TE is certainly less tiring to ride than the CRF was. The TE cam profile is a bit more tame from off idle to mid range but, is not lacking for topend power or overall torque. Very easy bike to ride! Tom
  15. For sure I would re-inspect the condition of the bearings in the bottom end as well as the cam bearings and especially the oil pump! Tom