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  1. He means that he has a custom rear fuel tank. Ben Grabham of Australia who won lots of Safari's in the desert on the 450x had a rear fuel tank setup: http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewsArchives/2008/March/Plugger_GHR.jpg Why dont you try doing the sag and pre load without the 8L of fuel on the back? Does this fix your problem (ie can you find the right settings)? The loigic behind this is that you will use the rear fuel first (common sense) so for the 71.5% of your ride (8L is 28.5% of a 28L fuel volume) you will have an empty rear tank and "correct" suspension.
  2. I think the video is actually from New Zealand - so not us Aussies lol, it doesnt rain here! I think the point of it is just to show how much traction you can get in such a boggy situation lol.
  3. Rebuild every 20 hours? What are you smoking dude? I have 2000 miles on my bike and I havent even had to adjust the valves. Without the competition of racing there would be no improvement. Its like natural selection (evolution), in the "farm friendly trail world" you speak of, there isnt any desire for improvements, not any necessity. Hence ye old DRZ isnt much worse than your brand spanking new DRZ and the same for XRs. In fact the newer XRs are LESS good than the old ones! I've tried a new and old XR 250 and the old one is way more powerful and lighter! Hence you are talking about a false economy, improvements are bred from racing and if that means you cant use the full potential of your new X/CRF/RMZ/YZF/WR then who cares, at least you got something to grow into and a hell of a bike to play with.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsdksJ1hfEo RWD CRF 450X vs AWD WR/YZ (I think) I know its a shedload of $$$ but its pretty cool to see something like this which most of us will never get in our lifetime but may be a glimpse of the future...
  5. So you left your bike in a muddy river and walked 8 miles? Question - how the hell did you find your bike when you went back!?!?
  6. Have you tried adjusting the rebound on the forks? What you need to know about suspension is that it isnt just for softening the blow of the handlebars against your hands, it is also equally as important for keeping the wheels (in this case the front wheel) pressing on the ground. The rebound damping is designed to adjust how hard the front wheel is pushed against the ground. General theory is that if you have hard rebound damping (setting on bottom of fork) then there is increased resistance to the fork unwinding / rebounding / going back to full extension after being compressed. What this means is that in a corner you have less traction because the springs are not pushing the front wheel back down (because the rebound damping is hard). If you set the rebound damping to a softer setting the front wheel will be pushed harder into the ground, HOWEVER a side effect of this is that your front end may "kick" or "deflect" over tree roots and the like. Its a trade off that you should experiment with. I agree with the other posters about technique too. I am not one to ask on this matter tho coz I am pretty shite
  7. You need to remember the following points: 1.) The 450X has a lot more than 41 HP with airbox/rejet/pipe. I cant say for sure but I think mine is closer to 50 HP because that is what my 450 R did and my X feels only about 10% slower than the R. 2.) The 450X will rev to 10,000 RPM very smoothly and build power evenly along the way. What does the XR 600 rev to? 5-6k? Maybe 7? I dont know about other users but my 08 450 X does have very nice bottom end power, it depends how you gear it. My brothers run higher gearing and lack the pull my bike has (stock gearing) down low. I dont think you will be disappointed with the torque to be honest. Whoever told you its lacking until its revving is pulling your leg because its just not true. The power comes on right off the bottom and pulls smoothly and strong all the way. Once you hit the mid range it gets even stronger and then it goes linear to the top. 3.) The suspension on the 450 X is a plush version of the 450 R suspension, which is arguably one of the most advanced in the market and light years ahead of the XR. The XR might be more comfy for slow riding but when you start pushing it, it wont match up to the X. 4.) The brakes on the 450 X are basically 450 R motocross brakes. Again quite superior to XR brakes. 5.) Whilst the weights might not look too different on paper, you need to remember the 450X is basically a fattened up 450R and it is designed over successive years to lower its centre of gravity (COG) and reduce its tip weight. I have an XR 250 and whilst its only about 10kg heavier than my 450X it is friggen LOADS heavier to pickup off the ground because of the higher COG. 6.) The 450X isnt as durable as the XR, however it isnt anywhere near as bad as a MX bike that requires oil changes every 2 rides etc. I really dont need to do much to my 450X, other than change the air filter every few rides and change the oil every 1000kms (which I dont need to do because the oil is still very clean but I do it anyway).
  8. You now have an opportunity to upgrade to an athena big bore, since you gotta buy a cylinder and slug anyway.
  9. Why do you want to get ride of the head light? Surely it doesnt weigh that much. Plus its nice to see you coming through the dust sometimes
  10. Hey I ride my 08 X about 2-3 times a month and I have had it for over 18months, done 2500km's on it and my valves are perfect. Honestly for normal off road I think its worth checking your valve clearence every 6 months or so, if they are out of spec just re-shim. There's nothing temporary about that, the shop you went to just wants you to give them lots of money.
  11. Hi, welcome to the X forum. As with any new bike after your first ride check all the bolts (e.g. bolts holding the brakes on and the rear chain wheel). Engine bolts *should* be tight as f**k anyway but always pays to run a socket over them because things can come loose from the factory. Its quite common for spokes to loosen up after the first few rides on a new bike. You dont *need* to do the airbox mods, my stock 08 ran great as she was but if you want another 15-20% you can do the mods and she will haul ass. As others have noted definitely get some protection like bashplate and rad braces and guards as these rads are quite large and stick out, and the linkages have stuff all grease in them from Japan.
  12. Haha I was there and helped Racey push his bike up that ridiculous hill. We contemplated riding my bike back to the car and taking off my side cover and riding it back to him (with the 3rd bike) and doing an on the spot repair. I am definitely putting some rubber hosing on the inside of my shifter and I suggest others do this as well as the shifter has a sharp inside corner that easily punches a hole in your side cover.
  13. Thats what I would have thought as well, except the 490 also has less low end torque than the 08 450...
  14. I guess what I am asking is, should an 07 and an 08 have the same motor performance wise? Has anyone ridden 07 vs 08 back to back? Because with our 2 bikes there is a big difference.
  15. This kind of threads are useless. Of course everyone has had different stories re: reliability. I have over 2500kms on my 08X and I have never adjusted the valves. Others will tell you the honda valves are crap?? The bottom line is you cant seek advice on reliability by taking a selective sample from a forum. When buying second hand it will depend on the individual machine and how it has been looked after. Get the newest model you can afford with the least wear and that looks like it has been maintained well. In terms of XR/WR/CRF/x/ etc. it depends what you like, they are all very good quality machines.