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  1. FrankTheTank

    What's it worth

    I have a 98 300r sitting in my garage that I am thinking of buy from a friend. It has a full stroker suspension W.E.R steering stablizier and brand new tires on it and I am only giving 500.00 for it. It also needs the carb cleaned out (it sat for the last year and the bowl float is stuck). Josh
  2. FrankTheTank

    I think I'm out for a while

    Carl, It aint easy but what I learned from my divorce 15 years ago, my heart attack at 36, 7 mos ago and my impending BK is that I could use it as an excuse to fail or a reason to improve. it all comes down to choice. Don't sell your bike, I just found a way to keep mine through my BK even though I haven't been able to ride in 6 months for health reasons and I am so relieved that in another 30-45 days I will finally be able to get back on the pig and start riding again. Josh
  3. FrankTheTank

    Remember Me....

    Does anybody have a track for that day, I would really like to look at it on a map. Thanks, Josh
  4. FrankTheTank

    Remember Me....

    I can't make it but I posted it to the Jeep club I belong to site and sent it over to one of the AZOHVC (AZ Off Highway Vehicle Coalition) members that I know and asked if anyone from there group is planning on attending. They will get some people there if the can. Thanks for letting me know. I figure even of I am not riding bikes for now, we are all on the same team as far as land use issues go, and I will try to keep you guys in the loop and see if you want to participate in some of the functions the Jeep guys are doing. Josh
  5. FrankTheTank

    Remember Me....

    I was the dumbass that was so far in over his head on this trip http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=581954 that I almost didn't make it back? You guys don't realize how lucky I was. Come July after that run, I had a massive heart attack, if that had occured on that trip, you would have to have sent a helo back for my body. Can I say thanks again for sticking by me, and don't worry I can't ride right now anyways due to the blood thinners But now that I can't ride for a while I have started getting more into land use issues with the Jeep club that I belong to. One of the group meetings that I go to is dedicated to the Bradshaw foothills and is mainly concerned with TM and the trail to Crown King. We are currently focused on CK as the number of homes and the amount of private land increases in the Lake Pleasant area we are going to encounter problems with keeping the lower half of this area open. The group I belong to has representives from the Jeep world, Quads, horses and multi use groups but is not adequatley (sp) represented by the two wheeled world and I thought I would post up here to see if anyone is interested in joining/supporting this group? We are currently looking for alternate routes to the base start of the CK trail that stays away from the priviate owenrs and ranchers and there gates. Just thought I would post up and see if you are interested. Thanks, PS. I am selling the bike for now, with the hopes of getting one of those sweet KTM dual sports some day in the future.
  6. FrankTheTank

    AZ - Mobile Service

    Hey guys, So my last ride was the Bradshaw mess I got myself into and several of you helped get me through. While I had a great time beating the crap out of myself and my bike it made me also take a break from riding for a couple of months (needed to buy a new helmet and spend some time on the eliptical getting my endurance up). But anyways I also needed to get a good servicing on mine (and a couple of friends bikes) and have not had time to do any of it. I have been using this guy on and off for the last year, mainly when I do not have time to do it myself or just don't feel like it. I know he is involved in the AMRA racing here and has always done a great job. I usually have him change the oil, oil filter, clean the strainer, and air filter, check and lube the chain and lube the cables when they need it. He also washes the bike for like 50.00 bucks. If you ever run out of time or just get lazy give Brian Bruning a call at 602-481-0333 and let him know that Josh sent you. He did not ask me to post this, I volunteered to becuase he got my bike in tip top shape today and did a great job. L8R,
  7. FrankTheTank

    riding areas, camping.....

    I am not plated but may be able to meet you up there and go from there. I have Thursday and Friday off and can do the maintance I need to get done. Let me check with the wife and make sure she doesn't have anything planned (it's my B-day weekend and she may have a surprise or some such crap set up for me) and I will get back to you. Josh
  8. FrankTheTank

    riding areas, camping.....

    Hey tom, It is just a few miles south of Sunflower off of the Bee line. There are several nasy fire roads back there so you have to take care. You have probably heard of the sunflower mine loop, well the camping area is at the top of this 20-30 mile loop. It can get damn cold but I have really only seen it snow once and it didn't stick for more than 20 mins. I like to camp when it is really cold, I have a tent heater and if it is going to be colder then that then I will rent a Pop up for the weekend. The riding can easly be checked out in a day trip and I can show you the camping spot. Let me know if anyone is interested. Josh
  9. FrankTheTank

    riding areas, camping.....

    Hey guys, I just happen to know a great spot for camping this time of year, just high enough to be in the pines but low enough to not get snow very often and less than an hour from the east valley. Great riding with varying terrain from high ponderosa to woods trails. it is very near upper syscamore. I would love to set up a day trip and go check it out and show you guys around. Let me know, Josh
  10. FrankTheTank

    BRADSHAW MTS. sunday 12/16 9:30

    Please let me know if there was any damage to your bike at all, I will take care of it immediatly. Again thank all of you for your patience and your help. Here are a couple of the photos I took while I still could take photos At Tip Top mine Coming down from the mine Yes this bolt
  11. FrankTheTank

    BRADSHAW MTS. sunday 12/16 9:30

    So where to start...well that is obvious, THANK YOU to everyone that went on this ride. While some hung back to make sure that my wore out A$$ made it back the others showed extreme patience. So the short story for the long ride from hell for me is after 10 - 15 crashes and at least 4 significant blows to the head, when I got home last night my fingers stopped working and even after an hour in the hot tub my body was not agreeable (sp) to anything but lying in bed. I remember stopping for our snack break and thinking WOW this is alot of fun and if it stays like this I will want to run this again in a few weeks with my buddy Rob. Not so much anymore. I learned alot while out there, skill sets that I need to practice - alot. But all in all I had a blast. I took several walks of shame watching my bike as I walk up the hill, but you guys never made feel bad about any of it. What i notice when looking at the graph of the elevation changes is that there are almost no plateus (sp). We were either going up loose rocky bounce side to side stuff for miles at a time or going down deep rutted loose rocky stuff (notice how many times I said rocky, there needs to be about 30 more references to rocks). The comparison to CK is that with CK you get fairly easy flat ground for a while in between the rocky technical sections, the second half of this trail is non stop, up and down of technical loose ROCK. It is amazing how much control you lose when your body is worn out. I would look, see the line I wanted to take, but could not react fast enough to take it. Then would end up in the wrong spot and down I would go. I am one continuous bruise from my right elbow to the middle of my back and my head will not stop hurting (if did not have client meetings today, I would be at home, in bed). Don, you are a great guy and I really appreciate you letting me ride your bike. I have to tell you guys that is what got me off this trail. It is perfectly set up, balanced, and a hell of alot lighter than my pig. He watched me wreck at least 10 times, then said give mine a try - that takes sack and a half of some other guys sack.
  12. FrankTheTank

    BRADSHAW MTS. sunday 12/16 9:30

    So my wife figured out that I was not that excited about hanging with her friends from high school tomorrow afternoon and let me off the hook (she's a good woman). So I am in, i will see you guys at table mesa and the I-17 at 9:30 am tomorrow morning. Now i got some quick maintenance to go get done before the trip. See ya tomorrow, Josh
  13. FrankTheTank

    AZ-Trail Ratings

    I think I still have some habits from my jeeping days ingrained in my head and I tend to be one of those guys with a plan, stick to the plan. But it is also a habit that I am trying very hard to break. I also have some friends who no matter what we are doing or how well we plan, they never seem to be prepared properly and while I will always be one of the first people to step up to help, I try very hard to not be the person who needs help due to poor planning. I am all up for the "epic" type rides, just want to make sure that for my first ride with a new group I am not getting airlifted to the hospital while my bike lays in a smoldering pile of ruins:p I am still working on the wife for the Sunday ride, we shall see. But i am definatly open on Sat. Josh
  14. FrankTheTank

    AZ-Trail Ratings

    What I really liked on this site was that along with the rating They provided the organizer with the opportunity to say "hey, we are moving fast, few breaks and you better be ready to rock and roll". When I was jeeping reguarly (sp) there were trips I would put together where the inexperienced were welcome on the difficult trails and then there were trips where we only wanted experienced people so we could push our limits without destroying there jeeps. I respect this, and if it is labled as such then I know not to bother to sign up and I can read the trip report when you get back Here is a link to the jeep club I used be in, they list there upcoming trips by difficulty so you know where to look, they also have like 3000 members or so and have to organize accordingly. http://www.virtualjeepclub.com/forumdisplay.php?f=66 I like what you put together for the rating info - I personally feel that adding the distance rating A,B,C,D etc. would benefit alot of those with out IMS tanks:banghead: Josh
  15. FrankTheTank

    AZ-Trail Ratings

    Each Trail would need its own rating. The jeep club I rode with when I had a jeep had every trail catagorized by name/location/rating. By doing this you can create your own "loops" out of many trails and call it what you want and rate it. It is also important that the base rating be applied to the most difficult section of the trail, while only a small piece may be a 8 and the rest a 4, the trail would get a 8 rating. Josh