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  1. D1PP1N

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    Well I'm here and its pouring. Track is really wet. Don't come out. Bob refunded our money!
  2. D1PP1N

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    It looks like rain guys. It did last rental too so if it's not pouring rain here when I get ready to go I will be there (2-4 people including me)!
  3. YES you can. I have a 0.45 and a 0.40 in my forks for a total of .425 overall. The axle is rigid enough to withstand the small difference. I had both sets of springs so I did this instead of buying new ones. Of course I would prefer to have to equal springs but I probably couldn't notice (as I don't notice it now). Kawasaki has already proven this with their SFF suspension. They have a .9+ spring in ONE side. Make sure the springs are the same diameter and length. If they are you can swap them if one is taller or shorter I wouldn't try it. Stiffer springs usually have less coils so don't worry about more or less coils just that the dimensions are the same.
  4. D1PP1N

    03 yz 125 with 450 forks

    Should be a nice upgrade. Your going to have to do some tuning though. The front is going to feel really harsh on stutters and braking/accell bumps. You may have to get the front revalved again; for my tastes the 4t forks put on a 2t have way too much rebound dampening ( to compensate for engine braking) . You will find that you will have the clickers all the way out but it feels harsh still. I had my kx450 converter to a 250 2t and the front suspension is harsh even after a respring.
  5. Use a digital caliper to measure the diameter of the fork tubes. You can also use digital calipers to measure fork height, making sure the axle blocks are perfectly aligned, andchecking various thicknesses of pads, plates and such of the like and stuff. Remember thst digital calipers are far more accurate then your eyeballs and expect to spend way longer doing jobs and maintenance then it should have ever taken. Like 5 times longer. Also if you fall over and need someone to crash into you go riding with Spizz!
  6. D1PP1N

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    Thanks Mickeyo! The last one was a blast, my bike blew up but it was an awesome day. Lets see if the new engine holds up. I am in, hope to bring two friends.
  7. D1PP1N

    Review of Suspension book

    I've read through the majority of mine. I skipped the geometry section as it was getting dry. I completely agree with the troubleshooting section. I would have liked the troubleshooting and setup to have been a primary topic of the book but it wasn't.... that section leaves you in the same place you started. for example they give you - your bike feels to mushy and soft possible casues, rebound or compression dampening, too low of oil level, springs, and your suspension could be broken....... WOW THANKS GUYS I ONLY PAID 34 BUCKS FOR THAT!!! GREAT! Don't get me wrong it is a great read but it's definately lacking. It hints on valve stacks and what they do but they don't cover it when they are doing the gold valve install. Perhaps they could have given a section on how to test various aspects of the suspension and how to work your way through testing and setting it up correctly. Like after setting race and static sag do you focus on the rear or front first? compression clickers or rebound clickers first? What types of track areas can you nail down your rebound settings at etc. The rebuild section is good as it has pictures but doesn't go in depth about checking for broken are worn components (other then bushings and seals). Order it online and get it for 24 bucks - if you go to the brick and mortar store you pay 34. OVERALL - just don't think your going to start a suspension company after reading this book, you will be able to learn how to rebuild/repair suspension and understand basic dynamics of suspension tuning.
  8. D1PP1N

    Thinking about going to a lighter bike...

    I got everything on ebay for around 1k used. I never planned to switch I was looking into selling mine and getting a new two stroke. In an effort to not buy a new bike and "save" money I put money into my 450 to make it better (suspension and just changed brakes/clutch/bars/exhaust within like 3 rides my bike blew up with 42 hours on it and everything just kinda fell in my lap nicely after that. After selling all my parts off my 450 I made 1015 bucks (without ebay fees taken out) and still need to sell the carb,trans stuff and some other parts. If you count all the money I made selling my 4t parts I came out cheaper then rebuilding my 450f. Atleast I know this thing isn't going to grenade as often, and if it does it won't be 2500 bucks to fix it.
  9. D1PP1N

    Thinking about going to a lighter bike...

    LOL, yeh alot of people didn't notice at the track. After Bs'ing for a while they are like "hey kawi didn't make a aluminum frame 250 2t". First I can't believe you got 240 hours on your 06, I had 42 well maintained hours on mine when it blew up. 1) I got the motor/carb/electronics on Ebay. It's an 06 stock kawi 250 2t. 2)The swingarm mount width is very similar, i suppose they keep a standard size so the swingarm and bearings can all be the same dimensions as well as the frame. 3) not 100% sure on the weight but the bike is significantly lighter. I would say atleast 16 lbs lighter then it was as a 450F. 4) Airbox and boots are off of a honda, had to use spacers on the carb to reed cage, reweld nipples on radiaters as they are facing the opposite direction on the 450f then the 250 2t. 5) the handling is awesome, it hooks up great with a 450f rear tire. Thanks for commenting!
  10. D1PP1N

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    He installs the usual "Y" portion that he has pre-made which they use on the 250f conversions. Check out service honda's website if your interested. He did weld on the engine mounts as the existing ones did not work. Also there is alot of work to do making the radiaters to be in the correct orientation and the intake track (new airbox and airboot and milled extension plates between the carb and reedcase (which is about 2.5 inches apart now). This seems to offer better fuel/air mixing.
  11. D1PP1N

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    The 450f has a lot of extra room in the cradle area so instead of making long engine mounts AJ reduced the length of the engine cradle about 2 inches. There isn't any modifications to the exhaust pipe now with the new cradle area. The mounts were either the stock kx 250 engine mounts and he milled a new head stay. His welds look very good near production quality. You can only tell he welded because he had to clean up the areas he was welding.
  12. D1PP1N

    Thinking about going to a lighter bike...

    Just had my bike finished this week. There are more options available then just a 125! A rod failed on my bike (broke on the small end (which leads me to believe it was a bad heat treatment on the rod itself). So I am now back on a two-stroke BEFORE PIC AFTER PIC's! Have 2 quick rides on it now and love it. Hope to powder coat a ton of parts over the winter. So it looks cooler.
  13. D1PP1N

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    I have ridden two other bikes like this one a duplicate of my own an 06 kx450f chassis and 06 kx250 2t motor and an 06 kx250f chassis with 05 kx250 2t motor. They all handle VERY well. They turn unbelievably easily, you can cut in on turns easily and I found myself turning too much at first (until I got used to a 2t again). The bike is much more nimble now. I am breaking my engine in so I have two light rides down the block from my house at a local trail area. The power is impressive for a stock bike compared to my 450. I cracked a rod in my 450 which is what made me decide to switch over (it was a part failure bad heat treating application). I'm not going to lie I have alot of suspension to do. I think the entire first ride at a track is going to be changing fork height and adjusting clickers mainly the front suspension though the back feels pretty good as is. The bike is atleast 16 lbs lighter (may have to respring but I think I will be fine) and I would say it is the same weight as a 250f maybe a little less. I will have an exact weight in a few weeks my friend has a metal scale. The thing really charges into corners which is a little hairy once your used to a 4t but i need to pick up corner speed anyway so that's a bonus. Plus getting a piston, rings, and gaskets was 130 bucks lol. So at that rate I can keep the bike for many years. With the 450 rear tire the bike is hooking up well and the brakes work better since the bike is lighter.
  14. D1PP1N

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Just had my bike finished this week. I am now back on a two-stroke BEFORE PIC AFTER PIC's! Have 2 rides on it now and love it. Hope to powder coat a ton of parts over the winter. So it looks cooler.
  15. D1PP1N

    mickeyo walnut rental

    I'm in! (Fellow MJ, Friend of John0 and Bwhite)