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  1. hogkrazy

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    nice job
  2. hogkrazy

    thank's to all the ttr members !

    after many years riding on the street i got the urge to get back to the dirt . Reading about the ttr in these threads convinced me it was what i was looking for . Wednesday i got a 02 250. It had a big guns quiet pipe and a uni filter . First thing i did was change the oil (very needed) and the throttle stop screw mod. Ok bike was still sluggish . today i removed the snorkel and BAM......... what a difference! It made the bike come alive. Anyway sorry about the long winded thread but it was this forum that taught me what to do and i appreciate it . Next stop Carnegie
  3. hogkrazy

    pics of 250 mods ?

    o.a.c. Those graphics are great I was looking for some thing like that . They look like they were made for the ttr. Could you tell me where you got them or who makes them? Thanks Hog, by the way it's very cool (dating myself with the lingo) to see your family out riding
  4. hogkrazy

    followed the manual and oil everywhere !

    Must have been something in the translation from japan to here. The manual say's to REMOVE the bolt. Oh well lesssion learned. I'm going to adjust the throttle stop screw and clean reoil the air filter .
  5. I picked up a 02 250 today. It's been droppped alot but runs strong and the price was good $2000. It came with a lower extra seat ,bars , new grips, skid plate and a lowering link and a cd manuel. first thing i did was get a new filter and oil . Drained the old greenish sludge, installed new10/50 and flollowed the manual to check oil flow by removing the bleed bolt. In 10 seconds 1/2 quart of oil puked out. At first i thought it was the drain plug cuz i never saw the oil coming out the bleed plug but doubled checked the drain and it was fine. I put the bleedbolt back in added more oil and everything was fine. What do you do after oil changes?Does anyone else do this or do you assume the oil flow will be ok? Tommorow i'll check the air filter and do the throttle stop screw mod. bike has big guns quiet pipe on it
  6. hogkrazy

    pics of 250 mods ?

    I searched for the 250 mods but al the pics are old links or missing.D.L. Hamblin had some but there gone too. Can anyone post some up or send them to me so i can see.? thanks hog
  7. hogkrazy

    missing spoke question

    thaanks for the info guys. I'll double check the rim today tomake sure it's not dented. It does have a scrach on the side but i don't think it's where the spoke is missing.
  8. hogkrazy

    missing spoke question

    searched but couldn't find a answer. what damage could 1 missing spoke do to a front rim? I'm picking up a 02 250 tomorow that has a few cosmetic prob's but appears to be fine except the spoke
  9. hogkrazy

    back it out or take it all off ?

    throttle stop screw on the 250. Is there any problems with taking it out rather than backing it out some ? I saw a thread on the wr site that said there could be a problem. Anyone ever have a problem after they took it off?
  10. hogkrazy

    ttr 250

    great , thanks for the info . When i get it i'll ride it once and then do the usual mods if they haven't already been done and see the difference.
  11. hogkrazy

    ttr 250

    I have been looking at the wr's but the green sticker is stopping me .02 and earlier are the only options since i don't want to buy new($$). I want a bike that is less maintenance if it's used. If i was buying new i probably would go with the wr 250
  12. hogkrazy

    ttr 250

    I'm knocking at your door 203lbs. Gonna look at a couple of 250's this weekend
  13. hogkrazy

    ttr 250

    Hey Butch how does the 250 do at carnegie? I'm looking to buy a ttr specifically for carnegie. Any of those trails to much for it?
  14. hogkrazy


    forgot to mention the vr1 is a dot only approved helmet not snell. It's softer than the snell .
  15. hogkrazy


    this past year motorcyclist mag did a test on various helmets and the helmet that performed the best in terms of absorbing the hit and not transfering to the head was also one of the least expensive. I can't remember the brand , think it was v1r"strike".Youy can find em for less than $100, at least before the artical came out. The quality , fit and finish will not measure up to a shoei or arai but it will protect you as well or better.