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  1. ZedMan

    2005 WR250F Wiring Diagram needed

  2. ZedMan

    whats up with NJ?

    I was reading along and couldn't help but notice; Google ads, you so crazy.
  3. ZedMan

    Does synthetic oil burn?

    That's vaporisation, not combustion.
  4. ZedMan

    good online yamaha microfiche site?

    my facourite is http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx
  5. Your Insurance company, transport canada, and your registry are all correct. It is illegal to register and insure an off-road vehicle for road use in Alberta. In some cases people have had success by "playing stupid" with registries but if they were ever in an accident and the police got involved, they would be in a very large amount of trouble.
  6. ZedMan


    Here in Canada there is a promotion where you get a pw50 free with the purchase of certain '08 models.
  7. watts are a measure of power, just like horsepower. 1000W = 1.34hp
  8. ZedMan

    Just put my bike on a Dyno machine

    If the crank HP is ~31, 23.5 is a ~24% power loss, that seems pretty high for a lightweight dirtbike drivetrain.
  9. ZedMan

    Regreasing Bearings: Do I have them all?

    The newer WRs don't have any "string cheese", they are greased from the factory. They have the same linkage as the alu frame YZs, just like av's pictures.
  10. ZedMan

    Dr. D on a 08 WR250f

    The full system should work, it's only when the WR headpipe is used with a YZ slipon that the diameter is different.
  11. ZedMan

    2007 wr250 air box mod

    take the three screws that hold the metal snorkel retainer out, pull out the snorkel, remove the two screws just in front of the snorkel openings, then stick your fingers in the snorkel holes and pull up and back. The top of the airbox from the battery box back should be open.
  12. ZedMan

    07 WR250F Jetting

    I installed the spring, the problem was when the spring got loaded up it would shift so there wasn't enough room for the arm to fit over the pivot. I put a small socket over the pivot and gently tapped the arm down with a hammer.
  13. ZedMan

    Winter clean up

    Oh, great, that looks so good now I'm gonna have to tear down my whole bike
  14. ZedMan

    2008 WR250F free mods..... where can i

    Yes, you want to put the tip back on.
  15. The exhaust gases are under pressure, so they will expand any way they can.