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  1. dsurfdawg

    LOST KEY ..Orlando

    damn .....I didn't get the info on "hotwiring" copied down before it got deleted........could the dude who explanied it on the froum shoot me a private message and go over it for me again ...........I've got the ignition switch out and see the four wires..........which ones do what ?????
  2. dsurfdawg

    KEY HELP....Orlando !!

    hey thanks guys .............. I will be able to deal with the key situation now in one of the 2 or 3 ways suggested ..........say should we get this thread deleted now so........ "shall we say"......... no one would be tempted to procure a key with bad intentions in mind ....... Thanks again
  3. dsurfdawg

    KEY HELP....Orlando !!

    Lost my dang bike key........Anyone around Orlando know a locksmith or somewhere I might find a master to make a copy from?? bike is a dual sport and requires ignition be turned on with key.......... so I can't friggin start it ...........and don't know anything about 'hotwiring" ..........someone give me a shout on this little matter , please..........and thanks .....
  4. dsurfdawg

    Friday Club Ride 2/3

    Hey I would love to hook up with you guys and do some riding. I hadn't been riding dirt bikes in about 20 years....( I used to be half a$$ good) ... and about 2 monthes ago I picked up a ole 86 xl 600... she runs sweet ....... Have had it out quite a few times and man I am loving this shxt again after those 20 years!!! really looking for some places where I can wind her out a bit instead of all whoops and tight sugar sand turns...... someone let me know please if I can get in on this
  5. dsurfdawg

    lets make it death defying

    yea the days of a nice outdoor style track seem to be numbered just about everywhere, i would love to have a track to wind the bike until my hands fall asleep but i guess for now its jump/turn/whoops/turn jump/25yrd straight/jump /turn/more whoops/jump/turn/jump..finish __________________hey man I agree with you I am riding a 86XL Honda ...all I can find to ride on here in Florida these days are sugar sand, whoops and tight turns .....Man I wanna wind this thing out on some trails like I remember when I was a kid in Illinois about 35 years ago.....you know back dirt roads type thing .......... but hey man I still have a blast just cranking that throttle wide open in first and plowing through ...........and maybe getting into second gear.....the thing is so powerful it needs some staright away ...she WANTS to wind out !!!!!!!
  6. dsurfdawg

    Bithlo Track??

    ok thanks
  7. dsurfdawg

    Bithlo Track??

    is there just a tracl there or are there also trails to ride on ...... Thanks Dave 10/27/55 RUN FORREST RUN xl 600 plated
  8. dsurfdawg

    Bithlo Track??

    say I know where Bithlo is , but where is there a dirt bike track out there ??/
  9. dsurfdawg


    Say I know where Bithlo is , but where exactly is the dirt bike track out there ???
  10. dsurfdawg

    '87 XL600R Rebuild Update

    Sweet job man. Damn good to know I got a bonifided motorhead right around the corner!!!
  11. dsurfdawg

    street legal pipes??

    Hey man i just said I was going surfing .... I didn't say i was gonna rip it up at Sunset Beach !!! No matter what if I had my way i would perpetually being doing one or the other .......Well, maybe with a little bit of chasing momma around the kitchen table mixed in too!!! ............Hey any Orlando area boys hit me up ...... I got a million friggin questions I wanna ask about this ole bike ???... Be Cool Dave RUN FORREST RUN xr600 plated ..........got to be modified it runs like a bat out of hades!!!!!!!
  12. dsurfdawg

    street legal pipes??

    Thanks bro appreciate the feedback. Since it has warmed up a bit today think I'll run over and go surfing for a couple of hours then come back and ride ..Be cool later.... Dave 10-27-55 Orlando area
  13. dsurfdawg

    street legal pipes??

    Say I want to get my pipe checked for decible reading..anyone know where I can do this around the Orlando area. Just picked up this ole xr600 last week ..........dang she runs sweet !!!!!! Thanks, Dave 86 xr 600 plated P.S. what's the legal limit in Florida???
  14. dsurfdawg

    Orlando Riders/Best Octane

    Hey thanks for the advice on what fuel to run in the BEAST.. I plan on running at least 92 or 93 since I think I can find both with no problem around town...... if I can get 94 or 95 with no problem then I'll use that..... Same Octane all year round ??????? Also, to the chap who mentioned getting the bike plated .....lucky me .I bought it that way!!!!! She's street legal baby !!! Those of you who said you were around orlando send me an e-mail.. Thanks Dave
  15. dsurfdawg

    Best octane

    Thanks for the feedback you guys... I am 50 years old and haven't had a dirt big in about 20 years... you will probably be seeing a lot of me looking for answers to various questions. P. S. I live around Orlando.....anyone else on this froum live in the area. I'm gonna be looking for some guys to ride with and some places to ride. Thanks again, Dave