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  1. Anytime, let us know how it works out for you.
  2. I had a yellow lens on my street bike helmet, I didnt care much for it cause it made everything to bright for me.
  3. My vision is good so i dont have to wear glasses and he feel of sun glasses under my goggles drives me nuts. Try the smoked lens. I know every one is different but thats what seems to work best for me.
  4. Thats funny, i was thinking the same thing!
  5. I use Spray n Wash. Just spray it on and let it soak in for about 10 mins then put it in the washer.
  6. Im also color blind and i feel your pain on this. I have tried clear, rose, blue, and smoked. For me the smoked lens has worked the best, it just makes everything not so bright. I still havent tried the light sensitive lens but its on my list of things to try. I would also like to find a lens that is polorized. All my sun glasses are polorized and it helps alot.
  7. Hey, i grew up in the same area, what highschool did you go to? I still live in the same are and ride it all the time.
  8. Ive got a Maxxis 120/90/19 on the rear of my 05 and it fits great.
  9. To me this sounds like a good idea. It sure would be better than laying the bike on its side and trying to do it. If you get something made up share some pictures please.
  10. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I have to agree with you that people get a false sense of security when riding in or driving the new UTV's. Me personally, I have rode in a ranger 1 time and did not like it. For me its the other way around, I dont feel safe at all riding in them.
  11. Here in the desert we dont have trees. I just normally find a rock(there are plenty of them) and lean my foot peg against it.
  12. HD tubes are a must IMO. When i first started changing my neighbors would stand outside to watch so that they would get a good laugh. After doing about 5 of them you start to get the hang of it. Its not all that bad.
  13. Well i tried the 180 main with both needles. It still didnt run as good as before. After that i Tried a boat load of different stettings with both needles and the 175 and 180 jets. Once again i have learned my lesson, if its not broke then dont fix it!
  14. Hey, thanks for the reply. I wasnt expecting to get an answer for Mr. JD himself. Ill try the 180 main as soon as i have a chance. Thanks. Adam
  15. I guess ill have to make a trip out there before it gets to hot.