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  1. An end to a saga.. I am so depressed. I decided to add my girl before it's over forever. ~Dork
  2. How fast does my WR go?? Thanks, DOrk
  3. Nope, I pulled them. My girl was excited about being a part of this, but as you can see... this thread has been discombobulated. Plus, everyone would rather talk about Shady. Honestly, hasn't Shady been harrassed enough? Or is it more fun to rip on someone than to gander at hot wives and girlfriends? You people baffle me.
  4. Hello, I am also from Vancouver, Wa. A great place to ride is called Jones Creek ORV Park. It's located at the East end of Fouth Plain Blvd. and 238th Ave. Once you get to 238th, just look for Jones Creek signs. It's like another 3 miles East. Check out this site. Good luck. My fiancee and I will be going out there periodically. Maybe we'll see you there? ~Dork