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  1. Hi I was getting my 520EXC ready this spring when i found a piece of steal in my bottom end oil screen, I am working on rebuilding the motor now, replacing seals and bearings, piston & rings, timing belt. Is there anything else that I should be looking at, and or any areas I should really be looking at for problems while I have it apart thanks any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Jim
  2. metalgod

    you be the judge

    looks interesting, would like to see some video of it in action
  3. metalgod

    hair scrambles

    thanks for the help, hopefully i'll get into a couple of races this year
  4. HI I am trying to remove the motor on my 2001 520 and cannot get the bolt out that runs through the swingarm and motor, is there any tips to get it out?
  5. metalgod

    hair scrambles

    Hi is there any hair scrambles or off road races in Ont, I ride a ktm 520, thanks
  6. metalgod

    Endurocross hare scrambles

    Hi I ride a ktm 520 EXC and was wondering if anyone new of any hair scrambles i could enter in, I am in southern Ont.