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  1. I'm a HVAC/R apprentice, one year of school left
  2. just tried the starter, still make the noise, I'm guessing its the starter clutch...However when i opened the starter yesterday, the rear bushing was completely dry.
  3. mine made the noise too. i took the starter apart yesterday and found the rear bushing inside was completely dry. lubed it with caliper pin grease(withstands high temps).
  4. I recently bought a factory 909 bar on ebay for $35:) .Once i put the bars on the bike I realized that the factory bar ends do not fit aluminum bars.Well after spending 2hours and a $1.50 on parts I designed my own expansion joints on the factory bar ends.All that I needed was 6-m6 washers,2-m6 nuts,2-m6 external tooth lock washers,some 3mm id non braided fuel line and 6mm id vacuum line again not braided. It seems to work great so far.
  5. $300 is a bargain compared to what we pay in manitoba $924 for me (thats with a good driving record,full discounts)
  6. I've read past threads from other riders they had the same issues and found that an exhaust clamp bolt was rubbing on the rear shock spring check yours.
  7. same problem here. I used wire loom in conjunction with a type of edge trim used on snowmobile windshields. The edge trim has an adhesive in it and I stuck it on the sharp edge of the bracket that was causing the problem.
  8. I live south of Winnipeg manitoba. We have pretty good dealer here. You could try them out heres the link http://www.gregscustom.com/index.php?p=home
  9. I too just recently bought a moose filter with the same problem mentioned.After about 45 minutes of fighting I got it to fit and it seems to formed itself around the ridge (for lack of a better term) and it seems to be sealed.While I had the seat off I put a piece of filter material from a lawnmower in the carb breather.