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  1. Thats what I was thinking. Going to give it a try
  2. Around 200.
  3. No weight gain. Bushings should be fine. Just had forks apart a few months ago to change fluid, and inspect. Changed fluid from Belray, to Amsoil at that time as well
  4. I have an 01 RM250, and a few years back, when I was just getting into woods racing I had it revalved using Enduro Engineering. At that time, the fork springs were changed to a lighter spring rate. Now that I have gotten much faster, I find that the forks seem to be pounding me, and sore, tired shoulders are the result. Would it make a difference for the better, if I was to put the stock fork springs back in?
  5. Instead of using the brakes to hold the bike while compressing the forks, put the wheel against a wall, stem or something else solid, then compress them. This will tell you if it really is the forks making the clicking, and not the brake pads moving in the caliper, which it probably is
  6. 99 and up has the same p/n for the kickstart parts as the earlier years, except for the plate. Up till 99, that plate when ordered comes with the main gear.... $180 USD!!!! 99 and up, you order the plate, and you get the plate. The part numbers are different. I would like to know if I'm safe to order for the 99, and save myself $140
  7. Just bought myself a 97 KTM 300 EXC real cheap. Kickstart will not engage. Pulled it all apart, and found the pawl, and spring to be missing.... Ordered new ones. BUT! The the release plate, and screws are also missing! I tried to order that, but for my bike you must order it along with the kickstarter gear....EXPENSIVE!!!! What I would like to know is if the release plates from other years of bikes, using the same style of kickstart gears, and pawl will fit my bike? I have found one for a ';96, another for a '99 and up, and 99 up can also be ordered on their own from KTM.
  8. No attitude. just sick and tired of the knowit&%$#@!alls who cant read. Ask a question here and get bunch of opinions, and obvious shite. FQ too hubbard, and keep your advice, Ill go out, spend the 30 lousy bucks and get my own answer.
  9. should have left the compression damping clicker where it was, and increased the rebound damping 2 clicks at a time until it started over steering, then backed the rebound out 1 click at a time until you got the cornering to where you liked it
  10. Yes the bike was warmed up. Outlet pointed at an open pond to eliminate any noise echoing. Clutch pulled in to eliminate any false clutch noise readings...... And no, im not sticking twisted metel in my insert. If that was the proper way to do it, Yoshimura would have done it that way. My question is 100% specifically about Yoshimuras 2 meter insert. If you can't answer the specific question, then dont answ at all. Thanks
  11. Please people, dont believe everything you read on the internet
  12. OK then..............................thanks, but im pretty sure I was already aware of that. Now does anyone know anything about the 2 meter insert?
  13. On my 09 RMZ 450 , I installed a Yosh RS-4. put a 94db insert in it as well. Went to my practice track today thinking I was good, and quiet.... NOPE!!!!! AT my freinds track, ALL bikes get tested using the 2 metre FIM standard, and all bikes must be within the 115db at wot db limit. I wasn't even close! Now I'm looking at getting a Yoshimura 2 metre insert. Before I go and order this one, is it actually goig to work for me????? On my 07 RMZ 450, I installed a White Brothers E2 slip on, and it came in at 114.7.
  14. plastic will fit. Don't know about the seat. Rear wheel will fit, don't know about the front.
  15. Grow up, and let it go dude. Seriously