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    Moab this weekend...anyone interested?

    Hey Larry are you interested in doing the swell in May. I live in Longmont and our club is going out there later this year. Check it out here is the web page Also I was interested in where you wound up with all of your testing last, as to your jetting? [ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: BoulderBlaster ] [ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: BoulderBlaster ]
  2. BoulderBlaster

    I need some help finding a part

    I had a litle mistake and need some help. I need the accelerator pump cam and outer spring. Can any one tell me the part number or direct me to some one who I can get it from on a late Saturday/Sunday. I just want to get it coming because I have a ride lined up for next weekend. I'm still holding out that I will be able to make it. Any help would be great. I've already been to Sudco and Carbparts.com they do not get this specific in there diagrams, but may have the part if I have the number. Bump come-on guys take a challenge! [ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: BoulderBlaster ]
  3. BoulderBlaster

    250f only- lets hear your jetting

    sickbird do you have a WR and does the exhaust have the stock baffle? This is the Kicker.
  4. BoulderBlaster

    250f only- lets hear your jetting

    Thanks for the input I am getting closer. Motoman393 the fuel screw mod is great it has made fuel adj more definite and much less frustrating. I highly recomend it. Also bentrim do you have the stock exhaust baffle in? [ March 24, 2002: Message edited by: BoulderBlaster ]
  5. BoulderBlaster

    hard to find neutral??

    Hey you guys this problem is related to the clutch. My father was having the same problem with his WR250F. It was driving us crazy trying to adjust it out. We took it to our local dealer and after a few weeks of back and forth with the factory guys wanting more info and parts they narrowed down the problem to the clutch springs. We know the service writer and tech well enough that we were envolved with what was going on. As it turns out the springs measured out to be the springs for the YZ. These have a higher static height thus will coil bind sooner. On ours the drag was slightly there all the time, and I would bet that is your critcal you will asses this as well. The reason it is more noticable when hot is the expansion of all the components. I will try to find out for sure how to spec the springs out but off-hand I believe the inncorect springs were green in color. Numbers will tell the ture story.
  6. Hey guys I'm in the process of helping tune my dads WR250f. He rides trails from 4500 to 12000ft. The Throttle stop trimmed, yz timing, air filter lid removed, and because of the trail projects we do the baffle is in (hush hush). 155mj, 200maj, 42pj, stock paj, stock needle 6c. Problem: The bike runs flat in middle but better with yz timing. Ocasionally runs hot and is difficult to start consistantly. Tuning efforts to this point has resulted in some profits but mostly frustration. If you guys would take a second to send me your jetting and riding areas/elevations I belive I could at least get a starting point. Looking for bottom end and smooth transition. I realize this is a challege, but the sense of acomplishment is higher the greater the venture. Thanks
  7. BoulderBlaster

    drz400e vs wr400

    I agree with rich the rider can make both bike work well. I have riden both and all things considered would not change to the DR. I feel the suspension on my WR is damn near perfect from my size and style, 185 6'3 and Hardcore trail/track. I love the e button on the DR and when my bike fouls on a cold morning I feel the starter would make the difference. But with a little time and effort the WR can be tuned. Bottom line you really want it all go get a Katoom 400/520 yeaaa baby! But it'll cost ya.
  8. Both my dad and I have WR's mine 400 his 250. I am tuning and tweaking this year. I have not figued out what the difference between the the Blue wire (which I know the function of) and the Grey wire which I'm not. Could someone give me a hint or point me to a thread?