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  1. ivesy

    US MX @ Glen Helen

    Says here anyone can enter http://www.motocrossmx1.com/?type=News&newsID=1461
  2. ivesy

    Pourcell is a Sanbagger

    Hardly a B Team with the depth you guys have and Dungy being there
  3. ivesy

    Pourcell is a Sanbagger

    Some of you americans on here are so arrogant sometimes. If you actually watched the MXDN you would know the american team certainly wasn't the fastest there bar Dungy. Cairoli easily had the most speed. As you know (if you actually race) anything can happen on race day and team USA got lucky. I would agree that you have a larger number of good riders than most other countries but they are not any quicker! Thanks to the support the young riders are getting in France at the moment they are beginning to produce some damn fast riders. I would love to have seen a showdown between Carmichael an Everts with both of them at their best!
  4. ivesy

    I can't stand Pourcel

    Yeah I'm sure guys only ride hard in America everywhere else they're just soft aye:bonk:
  5. Why dont we all wrap ourselves in cotton wool before we go outside and wear helmets in our cars. Forcing people to wear a neck brace is bulls**t. Just because you might think it's important to wear one sure doesn't give you and your over-pc buddies the right to tell everyone ese what they should and shouldn't do! By the way, NFL players should harden up and lose the helmets and pads (and tight pants). To us rugby players they sure look like pansys!!
  6. ivesy

    Do 22MM offset clamps really help.....

    Anyone tried a Recluse e-axle? Worked well on my 450.
  7. ivesy

    Racing The Pro's

    How does it work for guys coming from overseas then? 2 guys from New Zealand flew over and entered about half the mx races over there
  8. ivesy

    2009 kawasaki kx 250f setup for woods tips......

    Recluse's can be a pain in the ass, cant bump start them and it's hard to tell if your in gear when you start it (or which gear). I'm guessing they're all like that??
  9. ivesy

    09 250F suspension for a 145 pound rider

    Im 85kg (about 185lb i think) and still running the stock suspenders, I dont find it too soft in the beginning of the stroke, more the bottom is too soft for me on bigger landings. I've read the same thing about some people needing 22mm clamps but to me it handles like a bicycle compared to most bikes so long as you move your weight around. If you're currently riding a enduro bike does that mean you'll be trail riding it or doing enduros? If so you definitely wont want a firmer initial stroke
  10. ivesy

    to buy or not to buy? yzf250 2010

    If you want a cheap 09, I just bought a new kxf from MR Motocycles for $9995. I think they still have some left. Have to say te kx feels plenty gruntier then any other 250f I've ridden
  11. ivesy

    2009 250f vs 2010 models

    Hi Guys, I'm either buying a 2010 model 250f (not sure what brand) or saving some cash and gettting a leftover 09 kx250f. For those guys that have 09's have you had any issues - I've read about some understeering problems? A 2010 bike is around 13k here and a 09 kx I can get for 9k so I'm trying to work out if it is worth the extra $$$. What do ya's reckon?
  12. ivesy

    2010 is EFI!

    Check this out: www.drd.co.nz
  13. I put one on my 06, set it to -1mm offset (can go to 2mm +/-) and never looked back. Had it for about 1.5 years and havn't had a problem - no less stable at high speed. Dropping the forks isn't the best fix
  14. ivesy

    Dented header fix

    Yeah it'll work, but maybe dont fill it and bung it like I did on my 125. I ended up with a 2" split on one side - it is S/S though.
  15. ivesy

    2 stroke mix in a 450?

    Thanks for the great advise guys, I'll just use it to kill some weeds round the house then