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  1. Thanks to you who helped me get this far. So I want an mx bike I can ride in the woods. I really like the idea of the xc-f as it has e start and I am a female only 5'5". The down side is you can't lower the back end like w/other brands. My two concerns w/ the xc-f is the weight and will I be able to give it a handful out of corner before a jump and get the same amount of power as I did on my crf250r on the track? I wish one of the other guys like Honda would put e start on an mx bike. Any feedback is appreciated. Any girls out there have any advice?
  2. I owned an '05 Honda crf250r. A great bike that I had the suspension switched out for my female frame of 5'5" and 130 lbs. It was a great MX bike and a great step up from my first bike an '04 Honda crf230. I sold my 250 as I wasn't riding it and my boyfriend was into woods not mx. I regret selling it but it was too big for me in the woods! So he had a kx100 that I rode in the woods that was a perfect fit but it was depressing on the mx or gp track. Now the kx is being sold and I really want a big bike again to ride mx, woods and gp. What do I buy? I want a 250 four stroke again. I like the quick power on the throttle and feel that a 2 stroke you have to wind up to get the power. I am not too fast out of the corners but like to give it a handful to jump at the track. I know the pros and cons - a four stroke is heavier and harder to start but a two stroke is too touchy and I feel too difficult for me to ride but I like the idea of easier to start and lighter. Ideally I'd own two bikes: a TTR 125 for the woods and a 250 four stroke for the mx and gp but I really can only justify one bike. What bike???? I am leaning towards an RMZ250 since the seat height is the lowest of them all. I loved my Honda and my boyfriend wants me to get a yamaha. What is the best bike and is an '04 RMZ250 a bad choice as I think it was it's first year. What can I do to help me ride it in the woods? I know a softer suspension for my weight, shaving the seat and what else can anyone suggest to get it lower for the woods? Any other suggestions????
  3. I've got a dirtbike and I'm looking for other women to ride with - mx or trail. I live in PDX/Vancouver and have an '05 CRF250R and access to ride a '92 KDX200.