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  1. WOW you should replace those tire immediatly your tires have rdtd ( Rapid Deteriration of Tires Defect) this is dangerous to ride on, because of this your tires may pop at any time when riding or they could be punctured more easily. Your tires are NOT dependable anymore....i would buy new ones.
  2. Crazy400

    metal scale on my oilfilter

  3. Crazy400

    Arctic Cat?

    The DVX400, LTZ400, and KFX400 are all the same bikes. But Suzuki makes the motor and pretty much the rest of the componets
  4. Crazy400

    Quiet Exaust systems

    Loud Pipes save lives
  5. Crazy400

    Info on skid plates

    The full Chasis skid plates because if your going to buy a skid plate you probly don't want to just cover 1 area of your bike, but really it's up to you though. MINIMUM get the swing-arm cause thats the lowest part of your bike.
  6. Crazy400

    Info on skid plates

    I would get the 1/4 inch pro-armor ones, cause where i ride its rocky and they hold up the best....bought a DG 3/16 inch back skid plate and bent it up and hit my brake disc the first time i used it....weight isn't that much, its aluminum and if your buying a skid plate might as well get everything.
  7. Crazy400

    places to ride in upstate NY, PA, or NJ!

    Allegheny National Forest has some nice trails....up by Kane, Marienville
  8. Crazy400

    looking for aftermarket z400 parts

    DG sucks, get pro-armor skid plates and nerf bars. They're the most solid nerf bars i have ever felt and the skid plates are 1/4 in. thicker than DG.
  9. Crazy400

    ignition switch

    i know how to hotwire a z400 but i don't know about the Eiger and a permanent set-up.
  10. Crazy400

    Suzuki Quad Sport z50 restrictor plate

    Throttle is just a screw that restrict how far the thumb throttle will go
  11. Crazy400

    Suzuki Quad Sport z50 restrictor plate

    On yamaha 50's its in they have restrictor plates on the airbox (less air=slower). Plus sometimes the spark arrestor in the exhaust get clogged and it starts running bad. I would check airbox first then, if suzuki doesn't have 1 take the spark arrestor out and clean it.
  12. Crazy400


    i run 105...
  13. Crazy400

    bent frame?

    If the frame is bent, sometimes the wheel alignment is off too.
  14. Crazy400

    OEM Shocks

    theirs tons on ebay...
  15. Crazy400

    No control on money

    You wouldn't be hitting a rev limiter unless you over rev 5th gear, its probly your carb, the main jet might be a little too big depending on where you live and what pipe you have, but i've never had to touch my carb so i wouldn't know where the adjustments are suppose to be. If you changed them or you got if off somebody ask them what the stock adjustments were and set them back to stock.