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  1. farmerjohn42

    2018 KTM 350 vs 2018 YZ450

    I rode a yz450f 2018 over the weekend. I found that the bike was quite powerful and would actually turn really well. What i did not like was the sitting position and standing position. It felt really cramped compared to my yz450f 2009. In comparison how is the ktm 2018 350 in comparison in reference to the order area?
  2. farmerjohn42

    Ossur CTi Custom Knee Braces

    I have a couple things that not many talk about that you should be aware of. I have the off the shelf EVS Pro Web carbon braces. I noticed it took about 3 rides before I understood how to wear them and another two rides to start trusting them, so be patient. With braces I found I have to grip the bike more firmly than without as they allow my knees to slip around a little more and I can't tell exactly where I am gripping. You might have to add grip tape to keep from sliding around on the shrouds. (This is my next step) The braces make the bike feel dead. I cannot feel the bike when I grip it. The dead feeling takes a little getting used to, at least for me. Also I noticed if the riding pants have leather knees they tend to last a little longer from the wear the knee braces exert on them. After the surgery rest up and make sure all is healed, there will be plenty of time to ride and do your other hobbies so don't rush it.
  3. farmerjohn42

    Minimizing air filter dirt

    I am trying this right now on the bike. What he doesn't tell you about the little foot socks is it takes patience to get them on the filter into a suitable position. Once you do it once the frustration is less. What I would like to know, are you putting one foot sock on the foam filter or are you putting a couple on and peeling them as the outside is dirty, or are you putting a new foot sock on the filter while it is in the bike?
  4. farmerjohn42

    fifty dollar helmet light!

    I have been using the Task Racing light. http://www.taskracing.com/moto-adventure-helmet-light.html I am not sure about the 2015 models, but i have the previous year model and they work really well. I wear one on the helmet and two on the bike working off batteries. I have a little mile long 1 - 3rd gear course I ride in the late evenings after work. Lights up everything I want to see and I ride as fast as I do when the sun is shining. I use the GoPro mounts from Amazon and mount the two on the bike on the handle bars.
  5. farmerjohn42

    Front fender tube pack...?

    Keep in mind that which ever one you purchase you may want to drill a tiny hole just bigger than tie wire through the clamp and through the fender. Insert tie wire into the clamp hole and fender hole and tie it. This will keep you from loosing the pack. The packs don't come off very often but they do. The tie wire trick will at least keep it from getting lost. I used a MSR for many rides and was fine. Then I ran a few rides that were faster and rougher and it came off once and I found it. Several rides later it came off again and I actually lost it. I changed to the Moose and they already have a hole in the clip and thats when I started tying them to the fender as a safety precaution.
  6. farmerjohn42

    You Know you're getting old WHEN. . . ?

    when you are wrenching on the bike, set the wrench down, tinker with the bike, then spend the next 5 minutes looking for the wrench you just set down.
  7. farmerjohn42

    Asterisk vs Evs Knee braces

    This is a nice informative video I found while researching braces. This is for the asterisk. http://www.asterisk.com/buy/protection/cell-knee-protection-s.htmysteml
  8. farmerjohn42

    Electric Motorcycles in California

    I would think that the electric bikes would be the loop hole in the green/red sticker system. The red/green sticker was based on emissions of the motorized offroad vehicle. Since there is no emissions from electric bikes, no green/red sticker. It will be interesting if you can pay the $5.00 and go ride. When you inquire at the gate about the electric bike, ask the rangers if they are planning on using grant money to install charging stations for the promotion of the electric dirtbike in the OHV park.
  9. farmerjohn42

    Ballinger Canyon

    The mornings are getting cooler so I am up for riding this coming weekend.
  10. farmerjohn42

    Ballinger Canyon

    You guys are real motoheads, its too hot to be out there during this heat wave! Although I wouldn't mind getting set up with lights and ride it during the dark hours. I bet that would be a real hoot!
  11. farmerjohn42

    2014 yz450 On Sale!

    I like the red plastic gas can idea on the rear fender, easy to fill your buddy's bike and easy to start a camp fire to stay warm while keeping the bike at a safe distance. In seriousness, I would like to inspect that rack a little closer. I wonder if it gets in the way at all or fits really tight? On a side note, Chapparell does not list the bikes on sale on the website or did I just miss it?
  12. farmerjohn42

    2014 yz450 On Sale!

    My buddy has a 2012 YZ450 with an aggressive fuel map. The one thing I did notice besides the bike being taller in the seat area, (which he complained about when we rode tight single track) is that with his larger Acerbis fuel tank 2.4 gal, we still had to watch the amount of fuel in his tank to keep from running out on the trail. While he was getting to the lower 2" mark from the lowest point of his tank I was half way down on my YZ450 09 with a 3.1 gal IMS tank. Granted we aren't in the best of shape and we still almost out rode his fuel tank capability in tighter trails that we are not used to riding. I did find that IMS is making a 2.9 gal tank for the 2014 yz450 but IMS does not list a pic on their site yet. I did find this, kind of looks awkward though. This is from an ad on the internet " Includes siphon kit that connects the handlebar tank to the main fuel tank and automatically siphons fuel while the bike is being ridden. With this design, the handlebar tank empties first, before the main tank. Does not interfere with headlight, handguards, etc. Holds 0.6 gallons. "
  13. farmerjohn42

    Ride 6/1-6/3 Georgetown

    Thanks to CosmoKenney for letting us park the trailer at his house for the day. Awesome guy! We had a great time at Hangtown and got to ride the GT trails. Dusty but still so much fun riding up there. The first day it kicked my buddys butt, but by the second day he became used to the trails and rode much better. Thanks again CosmoKenney!
  14. farmerjohn42

    Ride 6/1-6/3 Georgetown

    Thanks for the info yzwiley and the offer, I really appreciate it! Former SLO Cty resident, now you got me really curious if we've crossed paths. On another note, didn't you know wornsprocket? Is he still around or did he give up riding?
  15. farmerjohn42

    Ride 6/1-6/3 Georgetown

    Cool!! Thanks for the help! I am looking forward to meeting you guys on Saturday morning. Gotta love dirtbikes especially if they are allowed in the house .