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  1. Drmark350

    Sparkplug Enduro

    im glad im not the only one who had problems. I played bulldozer with a group of saplings that someone else had previously done the same with and that started that chain reaction. At mile 22 i was about 8 min behind when i crashed chest first into a puddle and my steering lock bolt had rattled out at some point and when i crashed it allowed my fork to come over and crush my CDI box. I got to watch everybody ride by at that point lol. At the time i didnt know it so i was kicking and kicking and kicking. Had the plug out a few times, and kicked some more....pushed it up a hill....bump started it somehow....met up with the sweep riders at that point and one of them Bill (who i owe a big thankyou to) helped get me to mile 53 with some pushing before it just wouldnt run at all and then i watched everyone go by again! Then a guy came along with his quad and pulled me back to sand hill where i waited till they came and got me with a truck. All i know is that by the end of the day even a ktm 200 gets heavy to push after a while.
  2. Drmark350

    Hareport Scrambles

    excellent event BC's! BIG thanks!!!! to the course workers pulling bikes out of the mud, you guys were working your butts off!!! big kudos!: I got a late start and followed up the pack on long course, which turned out ok cause i still caught up to my buddy a minute later just buried!!! in a mud hole and after that it set me up for just having fun, and fun i did. I even waited at some of the mud holes just to watch, great event!
  3. Drmark350

    couple ??s for Dr Mark

    Hi Dr Mark, i have a couple ??s Me and one of my good riding buddys are getting ready for a pretty serious year of off road racing this year. Last year we raced a few races but i always had plenty of time to recover in between, a luxury i probly wont have this year. The two biggest problems i was having were 1) numbness in my hands/pain in my wrists ( pain came when the races were close togeather), ive tryed everything to combat this, working on my rider position, staying loose, making sure i dont have my gloves strapped too tight or any of my gear to cut off circulation, adjusting my levers and bars and trying different grips, anything that could have had me self inflicting it, yet it still persists to get worse. I even notice it some times at work now when im turning wrenches. Is there anything i could include in my work outs to help prepare me and lessen this and is finding a Dr for carpal tunnel surgery something worth looking into? 2) energy levels, i never feel like i have the endurance and energy i should, even though its improved with my vit D and testosterone that i now take. What low impact excercise (bad knees) would most benifit this senerio? Thanks!
  4. Drmark350

    Fatality at walker

    yeah we talked on the way home, i think he will be alright, just puts a damper on a fun day of riding when you run into that. Thanks though, im glad we have guys like you and Jeff out riding with us.
  5. Drmark350

    Fatality at walker

    he was on a cr250, nobody else involved, but the guy that saw him first said his bike was in 4th gear laying next to him. His helmet was deffinatly scratched up good, but im not sure why he crashed, it was a smooth section of road, no big potholes for 100 feet ether way. I wonder if he didnt have a small stroke or something while he was riding that caused him to lay down.
  6. Drmark350

    Fatality at walker

    right on the main road there, just past the first entry to muddled meanderings trail about 100 yards, and before you get to the first fork in the road to the left that sends you up and around to the lower gravel pit.
  7. Drmark350

    Fatality at walker

    Me and my buddy Jeff went riding at walker today and were having a great day but as we were headed back to the truck we came across a guy in the middle of the road surrounded by people, not sure what all happened but he was hurt bad and unresponsive when we got there, Jeff is an EMT and gave the guy CPR till the medics showed up but after talking with one of the firemen from Big Lake sounds like he didnt make it.
  8. Drmark350

    Blackbear Enduro at Tahuya June 21

    i will be there
  9. Drmark350

    Idaho City dangers

    Maybe we should just start planting Bear traps in thier hemp fields
  10. Drmark350

    Best bike for Tahuya - KTM200 or CR250

    i love my 200, takes all the abuse i can give it and keeps going, with very little attention to maintance, although i have found that locktite is a must.
  11. Drmark350

    Webfoot Enduro, Thank you Skagit M/C

    My girlfriend got a few pics, i will try to get them up when i get em.
  12. Drmark350

    Webfoot Enduro, Thank you Skagit M/C

    yeah that was pretty brutal, i missed the turn at mile 5 and rode about 5 miles of the later part of the course before i figred it out and turned around and rode back to mile 5 and got back on course. lol i played catch up the rest of the day and got no brake......i rode it out to mile 71, but i was so gassed by that point i just couldnt go anouther inch. I threw in the towel and rode back to the staging area via logging road. Thanks for the aubse SMC i will be back next year for more
  13. Drmark350

    Riders in Bellingham and surrounding area.

    hey crash, theres a pretty good group of us up here that could show you around, http://dualsportmoto.ning.com/ thats our website. Me and nx250 and one other guy are doing the enduros this year as well
  14. Drmark350

    Webfoot Enduro information

    Route sheet yet anyone?
  15. Drmark350

    YouTube Video

    agreed, i grew up in that area, and while i hate being told i cant ride somewhere you owe it to your fellow motorcycle riders to show atleast a little bit of taste by leaving that stuff out of your videos. That is pure ammo for the greenies to use against us. so the thats why you get the flak But if you guys can get out on the legal stuff and ride without making us look like a bunch of lawless hooligans then ride on fellas!