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  1. Be sure to use the lithium on the bolts that hold the cams down I'm sure it would gives you more percise tourqe reading.
  2. forum search FAQ
  3. you might know already but it made me look twice. The stock piston has a mark the oposite side of the wiesco I went with the wiesco instructions. When the piston is on the rod have somone competent squeeze the oil ring same time as you slip the head on.
  4. not only are they made in Idaho, they are the best looking and most versetile with the slip in silencer, and or screen
  5. that problem must exist all across the board. that is wonderful thanks for that cont wait to try it out
  6. I was suprized to see the sand pebble on my screen also Kinda didn't tell anyone or talk about it
  7. thats what I'm all about hearing. I got the girl a new weisco and the camo graphics for her first B-day preasent. O and new fork oil
  8. I found a crystal piece of sand half the size of a b.b. in my oil screen. I figured it came up the hose to the case also.
  9. there is no bearing grizz 600.that is on the crank side of the rod, just get the kit & 2 head gaskets.
  10. the fmf power bomb header and the weisco piston for sure. Dont even try running the stock chain the devol radiator gaurd and brace are worth the money. the pro billit end cap and freddiete chain guide
  11. Accerbis rear fender fit so poorly, there was a half inch gap were it connects to the air box And is worthless:thumbsdn: U.F.O. all the way.You might try One Industries. I would try Accerbis roost gaurds and or bark busters
  12. Just when I was going to give up I had somone stand on the brake and make sure to flatten the washer. I wouldent put an impact to that. only tighten it to somthing you can pull again
  13. I notices trying to stab the gauge in there isnt good you have to slip it in on the sides and once its there youll have it free again
  14. The dimple in the head goes straight through the valve body and into the spark plug cylinder. This little port was blowing out oil because of the ring gasket around the plug cylinder was leaking. Thanks anyway
  15. I put the new piston kit in and have a leek out of the small port on the exhaust side of the head. Could I have done the rings wrong? What does that port do? Other than that, no smoke, and it didn't start spewing until after break-in always Stats first kick c-mon Underdog, you Know