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  1. ok ill give that all a try thank you!
  2. I have not been able to ride my bike as much the last 2 years since i have moved from home. so as a result my bike has been doing more sitting than running. last month when i took it out for a spin i noticed my rear brakes dont work at all. im a poor college kid who cant afford much on my own anymore so if there a few things i can check before i take it in, id much rather do that. can anybody give me some things to check/do to see what the problem is? thanks
  3. get a ktm 125 sx. ive seen guys tear it up on the trials and track with that bike. than get all your stuff from here http://www.enduroeng.com/onlinecatalog.asp If one of your buddys has one, see if you can take it out for a little spin to see how you like it
  4. ya i have an oneal helmet and my friend let me try his arai and i loved it. it was lighter more comfotable and the eye opening was way bigger. All in all if your willing to put down 500 bucks i say the arai would not be a bad choice
  5. how long is in a great while? i have a ktm 450 exc and l love it. It does awsome on the trails. ive taken it on the mx track a few times and it does it no problem. Now the 450 xc is made for agressive trial riding like harescrambles and so fourth. im sure youve read about it and since the power is more quick and the suspension is more stiff it will tired you out alot faster than the exc. If you have the stamna to ride the 450 xc you can tear it up and ride super fast. If you not up for that comitment the exc is more of a relaxed ride. But dont get me wrong you can still go plenty fast on the 450 exc. If you can try riding both bikes. That way you can see for yourself
  6. sweet vid and awsome cam
  7. thats an awsome site though. i go there everyday
  8. i agree with the first reply
  9. is townley still going to be on a ktm?
  10. i think allessi will win lites and bubba will win the main
  11. Anyone?????
  12. well if you noticed KTM focusses more on off-road than motocross. only just recently have they been putting some good sx bikes out there. but the austrain company seems to fit people better for off road riding rather than the jap bikes (including me)
  13. i was told the rc8 was possibly coming to america in 2007 or 2008. does anyone else know anything?
  14. ya i have sidi's to and as long as you dont submerge over the top of the boot, your feet will stay dry. Great boots
  15. juha salmin i think is in his 20's and hes from finland. i think he is the fastest offroader out there! (yes faster than knight)