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  1. LilScottie

    Big Bore RM80 Correct Jetting?

    I had a Expert look at it and Said the Damage on the Cylinder and Piston Casued the Seizure which Was Created By Being too Lean.
  2. LilScottie

    Big Bore RM80 Correct Jetting?

    The Bike is already running too lean as thats what caused the Seizure, anyone else?
  3. Hey Guys, I Recently bought a '98 RM80. I Bought the bike seized and I'm getting the Cylinder Rebored and Fitted with a 2mm Over Bore Piston, I think this brings it to 86cc? Just Wondering a Guideline to the Jets i will Need to run. It also has Boyesen Reeds, If that makes a difference. I Live in Western Australia and Will be riding about 30km from the coast. I cant Find the Altitude so if anyone can help would be great. Also a Good place to buy jets?
  4. LilScottie

    good bikes in australia?

    Motovert Deff if you have the Money Mate.
  5. LilScottie

    mojo motorcycles usa.

    try www.mojomotorcycles.com.au They are an Aussie Company and they will deff reply from that site.. they may not be checking the USA site.
  6. LilScottie

    new mojo bike

    Staggs, Cmon Mate everyone knows you sell the $160 Lower forks from china. I have Proof of this then you sell them for $400 Plus? Come On mate. And For Pitster, I meant Standard, available to Public.
  7. LilScottie

    new mojo bike

    FAST ACE Are Best Out Of China/Taiwan Period.
  8. LilScottie

    Chinese 50?

    Hey I was wondering if i got a Chinese 50cc Pit Bike, Would Honda Parts fit it, like the Big bore Kits for expample. I Import From china and im curious. Thanks
  9. LilScottie

    dukar motor?

    Its "Ducar" I Know that for a fact. Just a Run of the Mill Chinese Engine. Will Fit MOST CRF50 Parts.
  10. Hey Guys Wondering if Theres any Modifications I Can do To an Old 1986 KD80 And Also Some General Info On The ex. Common Problems etc Would Be Greatly Appreicated. Thanks Alot Scott
  11. LilScottie

    best mod!

    Youve Given Up Within a Day.
  12. LilScottie

    Rate My Bike.

    For Those Bikes Im Getting (All Custom Colours, Are 420US, But Then Comes In The Customs Fee's).
  13. LilScottie

    Rate My Bike.

    Nah Its For My Self, But Then Im Going to Start Importing And Selling.
  14. LilScottie

    Rate My Bike.

    Hey Guys Im Getting A Few Bikes In From China And Just Wondering What You All Think. Its Only Costing Me 700AUS, 500US?, You Guys Would Be Soooo Suprised How Cheap Vendors Get Bikes. Anyways Tell Me What You Think. 125cc Lifan Engine. Chromoly Frame. 26mm Mikuni Carb. Kenda Tyres. 12/10 Combo. A Style Swingarm.. Not Shitty Tube One, Good Thick Alloy One. Nitro Filled Rear Shocky (Like The Ishock) BBR Copy Exhaust/ Well Anyway Tell Me What You Think And The Firs Things I Should do To It. Scott.