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  1. Make it easy on your participants. Create a web page. Link to it. Create a fill in the blank database with all your questions. Let the software compile the info for you.
  2. troutte

    First Dollar spent on DR650

    I'd get some quality knuckle Buster Protectors that, also, protect your clutch and brake levers. I like "Moose" but there are many good ones out there. With the stock deflectors, you are protected from a small to medium size fig leaf (maybe two) and the first time you go down, you WILL break off a lever. Then have fun with the performance stuff! Tires, jetting, air box, suspension, chain gearing... Good riding! Semper Fi Michael
  3. troutte

    oil leaking 2002 dr650

    You really have to break down and replace the gasket at some point. Everything else is temporary, like life. Call Jesse and get the right parts. Most dealerships don't have a clue. Not a tough job if you have all the tools. I'm retired and in a condo. I don't have the room. I took my 2002 to a dealer in San Diego (FBC, should be F***ed Bike Center) a year or so ago. They had no clue about the problem or the fix. Their service department wanted to replace the defective gasket with another 'original' defective gasket. I had to buy the gaskets from Jesse and bring the mechanic the parts and a printouts from here to explain the problem. FBC only gouged my eyes out to the tune of $480. (with my parts?!?! ) Last business they will ever get from me. Good Luck. Michael
  4. troutte

    Got a problem

    Some of us weren't always so 'noble' and learned to do the right thing the hard way. Michael
  5. troutte

    Got a problem

    Talk to your 'friend' and see what he thinks is a valid solution. It may be a cooperative effort to fix it. You took on the responsibility of the bike when you put it in gear and rode off. If he is a 'friend' and lent you his bike, I doubt he "set you up" to break it for him. Get a pair and face up to your responsibility; even if it hurts a little. You will be much happier with yourself tomorrow and 20 years from now. If you screw your 'friend,' it will haunt you for the rest of your life. If your do the right thing, you can look in the mirror tomorrow and all the tommorows and smile back. And you will keep your 'friend;" they are important. Best of luck. Michael
  6. troutte

    Cigarette adaptor for DR650

    "Not to pick nits here but you still need a fuse as close to the battery as possible or risk having a short that won't clear until the wire melts which might involve some unplanned welding on the frame. Or the gas tank! Yuck." The cables I suggested have an enclosed/protected fuse about an inch from the terminal connector to the battery. You would actually have two in-line fuses. That's why the smaller one should go closer to the load.
  7. troutte

    Cigarette adaptor for DR650

    Cigarette adaptor sockets are notorious for poor connections. Anything can happen from low voltage to intermittent connections; all potential headaches. I like "Battery Tender" cables. They are long enough, have polarity correct connectors, a water proof connector cover and an in-line fuse. Connect one to your 'Hot' source (I used the battery) and the other to the load. You can plug them in and swap devices as needed. I use mine for a portable air pump, a hand-held 'Ham' radio and for recharging. Tip: use a smaller in-line fuse on the load end and you won't be removing the seat to replace a fuse on the battery end. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Battery-Tender-Aux-Cable_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ34284QQihZ010QQitemZ200104172931QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Or ebay and search for "Battery Tender cables"; there are numerous sellers. As "sandblaster" said, make sure you have the right voltage for your unit or you just might fry it. Semper Fi Michael
  8. troutte

    Things youve learned over the years

    ATGATT - All the Gear. All the Time. Oily roads are slippery. Bushes are softer than Bricks. Two words I hate to hear myself saying, "Oh, Shit..." BTW, "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life." Beyond the Horizon (1942) My favorite SciFi Author - Robert A. Heinlein
  9. troutte

    Craftsman ATV Jack

    I took the Pepe Boys' ad into Sears and talked them into matching the price. Now I have the Craftsman guarantee (for Life) and a cheap price. Love it, Use it and store it in some dead space under a shelf in the garage. No problems. It, also, comes with safety tie down straps to keep it vertical when you are putting horizontal forces on the bike or it is unstable. They work. Use them. ATGATT Semper Fi Troutte
  10. Has anyone had real experience with the Bead Popper out in the dirt? I'd like to carry a light weight bead breaker; just in case. I understand it is hollow and you are supposed to carry a rubber mallet with you to bang on it. Sounds like too much extra hardware. If I can just carry the Bead Popper and bang on it with the rock that I just hit with the tire I am repairing, that would be worth the carry. Will hitting the Bead Popper with a dull rock crush, destroy or hurt the feelings of the aforementioned tool? Thanks for feedback Troutte
  11. troutte

    Did anyone use "Kleen Chain" chain lube?

    How often should you clean and lube the chain? How should you clean and lube the chain? I ride dry stuff, high and low desert in Southern California; chain mostly gets dusty, no mud, no rust. I wash the bike and the chain with a hose after every couple rides. Occasionally, I squirt a little Tri-Flo Teflon lubricant on the chain. I'm a weekend rider and this works for me. Should I be doing more? Troutte
  12. troutte

    Fair Price?

    Dunlop 606s about $100 a set plus mounting.
  13. troutte

    DR650 Exhaust Bolts

    Re-reading this thread, it probably does refer to the heat shield bolts. My question referred to the large bolts or threaded plugs in the bottom of the muffler body (which I was very unclear about. Sorry). The question still stands.
  14. troutte

    DR650 Exhaust Bolts

    Maybe this is a dumb question but... What is the problem if one or both bolts are missing? I understood they were only there to assist cleaning out the debris that collects. Seems they only byproduct might be a little more noise.
  15. troutte

    Should I get a DR650?

    Gel seat lowers you about an inch.