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  1. Wipe Out

    Broken Top Bar Clamp

    Yeah mine broke to, took a tumble over a table top, now siiting with a busted collar bone, no riding for 3 months, sux. I did not think I would be able to buy a replacement here in SA, thought I'd have to buy a new bar and everything. I was going to just cut off the X joining the top clamp, basically seperating it in 2. But man that Renthal fat bar is strong, I have now had 3 hard falls on the clutch lever side and the bar is still hundreds, just keep replacing the main holding bolts.
  2. Wipe Out

    Timing Trouble

    Maybe to late to check now, but when you stripped it to check what was up, were the cams actually out of timing? (maybe a crap question but this sounds pretty strange especially since you say the timing chain was still tight, even if it was tensioned on the exhaust stroke, the chain has to be pretty loose to jump a tooth)
  3. Wipe Out

    06 rmz 450 question

    My understanding of a hot start, is to allow cool (emphasis on cool) air into your chamber, as the air already inside is usually to hot in order to start the bike. Hence the reason for a hot start. But going back to the original question, you need to try out all the different opinions and then see what works best for you. With the method I described above, I have never ever had a problem starting my bike and trust me I have had plenty wipe outs.
  4. Wipe Out

    06 rmz 450 question

    Why never turn the throttle when hot? and why do you only use the hot start after 1st kicking the bike over twice?
  5. Wipe Out

    Why do people hate Reed?

    I'm sure I'll offend a late of other people by saying this, but the bleached hair thing was enough to put me off, he just looked like a fairy and that is not what I believe should be the poster child for this sport.
  6. Wipe Out

    Cam lobe wear - 6 hours

    Wear marks, as in scratches, or smooth discolouration wear?, because if memory serves my cams on my 05 are a type of black anodisation, which does come off on the cam lobes ang gives a worn appearance, but the clearances check out fine. 500ml oil, 2hrs ride, ooh man that can't be good, I think the question should now be, should I just leave it, or should I replace some stuff so as to try and prevent further damage.....lets see what others reccomend, because I would'nt know where to start
  7. Wipe Out

    06 rmz 450 question

    Not much response so far hey!, maybe cos there is another topic already regarding this problem. Anyway, I have an 05 RMZ450, and it always, but always starts 2nd kick, from standing. When I fall, it takes about 4 to 5 kicks.....this is what I do... From standing: Blip the throttle twice (1st blip, just short of full, 2nd blip 1/4), 1st kick_not a full power kick, 2nd kick_from the top full power kick. I use the choke out when starting from cold & the hot start when warm (always). After a fall: pick up bike!, sit on for about 5s (depending on how bad I crashed, hehe), Hot start out, blip the throttle 1 full turn, 1st kick, 2nd,3rd, 4th, mine usually starts up by then, but if not I do the same procedure from blipping the throttle. The biggest thing I noticed was when I was going for the starting kick, I do a full kick, i.e right from the top to the bottom. Try it, but if it does'nt wanna start after trying the above, look elswhere for the problem, on the bike I mean.
  8. Wipe Out

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    Frigging hell, now this pops up, I just got my 05 on Dec 1st. Love the bike, best thing I have ever ridden, my 1st 4T, had 2T's before that. Decided to go for my 1st new bike, after checking out this site for some months, now I read about this flaking cylinder problem. Oh well I will just hold thumbs that I got a good one and obviously make sure that I do all the maintenance requirements. As here in SA and it sounds like most are saying the same_there are no guarantees or warranty's on these bikes, just some good faith!