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  1. My sons 05 TTR 125 stalled and now will not take fuel off an idle. This bike has about 25 hrs on it. We have checked everything from clogged jets to the float level. It will start and idle fine, but crack the throttle and it dies. I have contacted the dealer service dept. to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. thanks. Jeff
  2. My son has an 05 TTR125, with about 20 hrs on it. While riding it just died. It will Idle but as soon as you crack the throttle it just stalls. We have disassembled and cleaned the carb several times. Checked fuel quality. Its just out of warranty so I would like not to take it back to the dealer. I have read allot on the jetting, which makes sense, but the fact it just died with no symptoms troubles me. My son is a beginner, so ramping it up with jets and exhaust is in the future. Thanks