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  1. I didnt want Yamaha part numbers as those seem to be. I needed what type so I can order them off of TT. And I needed bigger main and pilot. Thanks for the write up you did Alyx I read it good job. Mark
  2. Thanks for replying to both my threads! Mark
  3. Hi I need to know what type of jets I would need for my warrior I need a pilot and main jet. I know what size I need but I need to know what type they are.Its hard to find the correct ones on the TT store. Thanks Mark
  4. What kind of jets do I get for the 225? I know the pilot is the non bleed but which type of main jet do I get? I ws looking on the TT store and cant figure out which main jets are the correct ones. The large round or just the round main jets. Please help! Thanks Mark
  5. I do like how the top of the tank is black though and the headlight looks sweet! But all this wait for pretty much the same bike? I mean ok it has the new frame but it still weighs more than my 05. Thought they were going to suprise me! Guess not!
  6. Yea why the smaller brakes? Oh My!! What a waist of time! LOL
  7. Site is all messed up cant get the right pics what a crapper!
  9. Sounds like you have engine oil in the air filter! This comes from the breather hose and when the bike is tipped over and has too much oil. Bike should only read at the half way mark on the indicator when you check the oil. Take the filter off and check and see if there is oil in it. Happend to my nieces ttr50. Mark
  10. Nice looking bike!! Enjoy! Mark
  11. Yup I had a 89 WR. Dont know when they stopped making them either! Mark
  12. Thanks!!
  13. Hi This is my first post! I have one question! I have a 05 WR 450 and in the manual it says to use 95 octane fuel. Now where can I get 95 octane fuel? Or can I use the 93 octane at the pumps? Or do I have to buy the race gas at the Yamaha shop? I am still running on the gas from the shop when they put it in. Thanks Mark