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  1. bluebandit2g

    03 XR250R if interested.

    Just giving you folks a heads up.. i know most of you have one already but if you know someone looking id appreciate a mention. Really a great bike. Ill miss her, but ill have another one day. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=15461 Thank you. man its funny the emails from folks from nigeria, and other places you get when trying to sell something.. I hope no one falls for that crap.
  2. Can someone give instructions on how to use this... pics of possible. i just bought one. Im tired of the ole hammer and big screwdriver approach. i have a general idea but still a bit ???
  3. me and a buddy.. I have the 06 with blue jeans.. buddy on the 05 with leathers.. large subdivision being built.. lots of new asphault.. lots of fun.. http://media.putfile.com/MotoHillbillies http://www.putfile.com
  4. Installed a DJ SM jet kit on my 06 DRZ SM. 285ft above sea level 150 main 25 pilot 2.5 turns out SM needle clip 2nd notch stock spacers Stock exhaust Stock filter 3x3 mod. Extended fuel screw Install went very well. Not my first time turning a wrench though. The bike seems to have quite a bit more pazzaz in the mid range. Slight bog off idle and it seems to be a bit flat at high rpm or WOT. The butt dyno can tell a difference though. Im happy overall for the money and would recommend it to anyone without the $$$$ to do the FCR. Just have a little tinkering w/ fuel screw to get just right. Questions? Ever so slight bog off idle ??? High RPM flat feeling ???? are these indications of lean/rich ??? just looking for which way to go with the fuel screw...
  5. bluebandit2g

    DR-Z400SM jetting question.

    Bike 06 DR-Z400SM Altitude: 325 Feet Bike: Completely stock. I want to do the basic mods that most everyone does. Question ?? FMF power up kit or DynoJet kit ?? if I order from thumpertalk store can I get the 25 pilot jet also or is that a OEM part ??
  6. bluebandit2g

    03 xr250r bottom fork bolt ?? Size ??

    Yep. thats what I needed. Thanks
  7. What size is the bolt in the bottom of the fork ??? looks really big and i do not have a allen wrench that size. What do you folks use to get it out ??
  8. bluebandit2g

    OEM 03 XR250 suspension settings (baseline) ??

    great !! Thanks thats just what I was looking for
  9. I don't have an owners manual and was just curious as to what the factory settings are on the front and rear susp.. ie.. how many clicks from full stiff out on compression and rebound etc.