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  1. Hey everyone. Call up synergy seals. I believe they have the next greatest bushing on the market. Great customer service.
  2. Jamesman

    ktm 200 forks pumping up with air

    your oil seals are sucking air. Get some synergy flex seals. They also have lower guide bushings and soon new wipers
  3. Jamesman

    skf bushing

    You guys should check out synergy seals lower bushings...very nice! Beautifull fit and super slick. Look like a new typ of material....it is nonmetallic but not plastic.
  4. Get yourself some synergy flex seals. I swear by them. I have used them on all my bikes with zero issues....no leaks....no air build up....you can remove them and reinstall them easy to install. I also use there lower guide bushings. They are not like oem style. They seem to be holding up great....nice fit too. I recently found a video on youtube. Type in synergyseals you will see the fork tube still pic. Good luck btw i also heard they have new wipers coming out.
  5. Jamesman

    fork leaking

    Fordguy. Do yourself a favor and get the Synergy Seals flex seal. I can gaurantee you that your forks seal issues will go away for years and these seals are slippery and do not suck air like all other seals.
  6. Jamesman


    I have been using Synergy Seals for years. Their seals blow all of the others out of the pond. Super smooth...long lasting...made in America. customer support is great too.
  7. Jamesman

    Which fork oil seals?

    Synergy seals work great. I have been using them for years...never an issue and smooth as silk. James
  8. Jamesman

    forks fade?

    You are about 25the hours over due...put new oil in....world of a difference.
  9. Jamesman

    SKF seals - Good? or Bad?

    Wow..I've gotten a couple years on the synergy seals. And they are $29a a pair. They are also very slippery.
  10. Jamesman

    Floating Piston Seals

    Synergy seals has them. Great products and great customer service James
  11. try using a fully synthetic oil. My forks use the synergy's and drop right to the floor...silky smooth. James
  12. No Grease! With good seals and proper lubrication from the seals, nothing needs to be used. Next time, try the Synergy Seals...they have worked great for me for a few years now! Grease will only collect dirt and cause seals to bridge and leak and cause grease to get stuck in the bushings along with dirt causing fork tubes to become mared. James
  13. Jamesman

    KTM Cone Valve

    That is a NOST midvalve setup!
  14. Jamesman

    how to change fork seals

    Do yourself a favor and get these http://www.synergyseals.com I have been using these for almost 2 years and will never go back to OEM or OEM wannabe's like the triple lip junk:foul: Great customer service too! James