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  1. acwheel

    Selling my klx what should I ask for it?

    I am also thinking of selling my 2000 KLX 300R it has all the free mods + FSW Header, Dyno Jet Kit, Skid Plate, Hand Guards, Pro Taper Bars, 13 tooth small sprocket, ACR re-timed, shift star fixed, It's in Great condition with very few hours in fact I just replaced the origional real tire. I would also like some input. According KBB.com the retail is $2,370. So I think I will start at $2,295 and see what happens. I would guess for a 2005 about $3,000-3,500. It may also depend on your location some places can demand a higher price than others. This is just my 2 cents it would help to get a few more. Good Luck, Terry in Colorado
  2. acwheel

    Dynojet not for me..

    I installed a dyno on my KLX 300 and it ran way to rich. After further study I found out the needle was to big around and would not seed all the way into the carb and therefor it ran to rich, so I just sanded the head down until it fit, now it runs great. I talked to the tech support at dyno and they were clueless, I knew more than they did and that's not much.
  3. acwheel

    klx125 pipes!

    My son's KLX 125 has the pro circuit T-4 complete exhaust. It also has a nice fit and is a bit loud. I plan on getting a quiet core for it. The reason I bought it over the bbr was Price. I bought it brand new on e-bay for $170 + $20 for shipping. You can't go wrong either way.
  4. acwheel

    is a klx and drz same

    If your talking about a KLX 125 verses a DRZ 125, they are exactly the same except for color. My 10 year old son has the KLX 125L (larger wheels with front disc) with a pro circiut T4 exhaust. Seems to be a great bike so far.
  5. acwheel

    Zero Valve Clearance KLX 300

    Ok I,m a moron, I figured it out, it was at the wrong TDC. Is all I had to do was read more carefully and turn the crank 180 deg. It all checks out within the specs, I'm new to all this but trying to learn. Thanks guys for all your help.
  6. acwheel

    Zero Valve Clearance KLX 300

    Yes, it was at TDC. I have a service manual, and lined up the "T" mark with the notch on the upper hole of the magneto cover. I rotated the crankshaft several times and there was never any clearance on any of the valves during the rotation. Were talking about space between the cam lob and the valve lifter, right? Thanks, Terry
  7. Ok I picked up a used 2000 KLX 300 last year it had very low miles the tires were still original with 70% tread left, completely stock. I since did all the free mods plus a DJ kit. I have only ridden this bike about 200 miles since I bought it, mostly with my 10 year old son on his XR80. The bike was hard to kick over so I was going to send my cam to be re-timed by Bruce. During the process of taking out the cam I checked the valve clearance at TDC, there is none. I mean there is no clearance at any position of the exhaust or intake. How bad is this? I have not gone any farther with the process, do I just remove shims accordingly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't complain to much I bought if for $1,550. Terry Littleton, Colorado