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    Quick and smooth
    Quick and smooth
  2. Supercross

    Check YouTube for Peick and Freezie in 2012 Washugal. Peick was pissed then too. I'd prob do it too if it's happened several times. Apparently that's what he does.
  3. Cool, I was thinking the same. TY!
  4. Does this look like it needs to be repaired? I don't feel much thought I'd just hit it with some fine sandpaper and check it with plasti guage. If it feels good its OK to use?
  5. If someone installed the cover/arm incorrectly that would cause what you are talking about. Basicly when you install the clutch cover you have to rotate the arm a certin way to get the correct angle for the cable engament. If you post a picture of yours both lever out and lever in I (or some on here) can tell you if its wrong. What I am talking about is the part where the cable attaches down by the engine. Yours may be a tooth off. I can't find a good pic online so post yours. And I am almost never on here so PM me of I don't respond.
  6. I have no idea who made this kit since it dosent say it on any part. I guess I will get the cometic kit then thanx!
  7. No I got the kit from a buddy. I have used gaskets I guess I can use those if they have only been used once :dunno:
  8. Just bought a 262 kit and need to get gaskets. Can I use stock size gaskets or do I have to buy the 79mm ones? And if I need bigger gaskets where do you guys get them?
  9. Thats what I was thinking. Guess I need to get a piston kit and gaskets. My timing chain has been replaced prob 25 hours ago so I think I will re-use it. Thanx!
  10. I got a 262cc kit from a buddy for cheap. The piston rings and cylinder look good no damage. I figured I'd buy some new rings and install it. Well I am having trouble finding rings since I don't know what piston it is. We though it was wiseco (nothing on piston) so I orderd some wiseco rings nope they wont even go it the piston. So I wasted 80 clams on that. My question is can I re-use the old piston and rings? Anyone even done this?
  11. That is some hard to understand stuff! I think I'll just send my forks off and pay someone to set mine up
  12. I am getting mine done right now on my 03' Yz250f. Cost me $125 parts and labor. You will need the proper tools and some nitrogen to re-charge it when your done. If you don't have that stuff just pay a shop to do it like me.
  13. Well the blue bushings are too hard. I called Pivot Works and they said they have had a few people call with the same prob. They also said they are going to take care of it and send me some more softer dampners