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  1. Gweedo

    YZ 250 parts catalogue..

    Great find! Here is 1994 through 2009 http://www.yamaha-motor.com.mx/Manual_Partes/Catalogos/Cross/YZ250/
  2. Gweedo

    Found @ Richloam Fire Tower

    I found something at the Richloam Fire Tower on Sunday 2/22. If you lost something there, PM me or post up and we'll see if I have what you lost. matt (AT) StreetKnights.com (DOT) com Matt
  3. Gweedo

    Rekluse Install Clarification

    Thanks guys I got it sorted out.
  4. I'm installing a Rekluse Pro in my '05 YZ250. I'm at the step where you put the "Lower Assembly" into the "Center Clutch Hub" and "Align the 3 cutouts with the corresponding tabs in the center clutch". I see no corresponding tabs! It drops in with any orientation. Can somebody post a picture of what I'm missing or give me a better description. Thanks!
  5. Gweedo

    Loading Ramp

    I have a 2007 Taco 4 door short bed. First off, I love the truck and have no issue with hauling any of my bikes, including my Tuono. That said, you won't be closing the tailgate. You also will not be able to install the bed extender with the bike in the back; the tire extends beyond the tailgate. It fits solid, but it's not a big bed. Matt
  6. Gweedo

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I think that is the 3rd name for HS#3 that I have heard. I remember seeing you guys. I was hoping to start meeting more folks, but my friend's injury killed any post-race socializing. I'll keep an eye out for you at future events. I'll be on a YZ250 from here on out. The 525 is too heavy, especially with how often I have to pick it up Do you guys ever hit Croom for some "Practice"? Matt
  7. Gweedo

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I did HS#3 (Boondocks) and HS#4 (Okeechobee). Which one is Interlachen?
  8. Gweedo

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Thanks My friend broke his knee cap and I had to check on him and find out where they were taking him. He already had surgery and should be back in a couple months Yeah, it's a Saturday class. I will be going into Vet C soon. I'm 34, so I'm on the bubble and was hoping to stay in beginner until I can move to Vet. I had no idea there were that many guys in Vet C! I got 4 laps in. Saturday course is different than the Sunday course. Only 7 miles. So how is it racing Vet C? Is the start really hairy? Lots of bar banging?
  9. Gweedo

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I was at HS#4 as a beginner. It was my second HS. I thought I won, but I was in the ambulance with my friend during the protest period and when I went to the scoring table they had me as 2nd. Oh well. That makes two 2nds for me now. I'm switching to a 2 stroke, so I imagine I'll have some relearning to do. I probably won't make Sarasota, but I will be at the Brooksville HS. Are any of you guys interested in hitting Croom to get some practice in? Let me know. Matt #777 Shot of the start...
  10. Gweedo

    Gnarly Crash

    I have a brand new gas tank and seat that were takeoffs from my bike ('05 YZ250). PM me if you are interested...
  11. Gweedo

    DDS Armadillo Ride 08/23

    Thanks guys. I'll see if I can convince my buddies to go; it would suck to get stuck out there all by myself.
  12. Gweedo

    DDS Armadillo Ride 08/23

    Hey guys. I'm registered for this ride as well. For those of you who have done the ride before, what kind of mix of terrain is it? Swampy and the gang are making it sound like it's 150 miles of axle deep sugar sand, but I'm guessing they are saying that to scare away the rookies. I mean, I want to ride, but if it's like doing the outer perimeter of Croom for 150 miles, I'll just go to Richloam. Is it all in all a pretty fun ride?
  13. Gweedo

    twenty20 Vholdr helmet cam

    How are you guys mounting this cam? Google strap? Helmet? Which mount are you using? Thanks!