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  1. cr85_supermini03

    clutch slipping majorly

    100 percent sure I have the manual and I have done it before and i have a bunch of friends who ride its 100% correct the cable has slack the only thing I can think is the cable has slack but the lifting part where the cable connects too is pulled up a bit or something so ill have to check that
  2. cr85_supermini03

    mx vs atv reflex

    that whole thing is easy just another quad I think i found the biggest jump in the game I have not been able to make it only on an atv
  3. cr85_supermini03

    clutch slipping majorly

    my clutch is put together perfect ive taken it apart 3 times the basket and everything seems completely fine there is no play anywhere the plates all fit snug etc I just cant figure it out and the steel plates are straight set them on glass table before and yes I did soak in oil before:bonk:
  4. the ktm suspension is good but not close to the yz's sss stuff that has been rated the best stock suspension to come on any bike the ktm is pretty powerfull but the yz feels more flickable and imo your not going to find bottom end on any 125 so pick one you can get 06 and up yz would be my choice imo rode both
  5. cr85_supermini03

    clutch slipping majorly

    my 06 125 clutch is slipping like crazy I just put new springs and plates and a new cable and adjusted the cable but my clutch is slipping like you wouldn't believe just as bad as last season before i put these ones in what could it be? the basket had no notches at all so i have no idea what to look for:bonk:
  6. cr85_supermini03

    mx vs atv reflex

    where the hell is that:S after the step down?
  7. cr85_supermini03

    Year of the 450 duals?

    still doesn't make any difference just a waste of money and more weight
  8. cr85_supermini03

    mx vs atv reflex

    the sand track haha i remember you almost did it and i just hucked it and no you dont suck that bad just needa learn how to keep your speed and ride a 450 to figure the lines out first
  9. cr85_supermini03

    Help please!!! 09 yz125 or 09 125sx

    I have rode both imo the yz's power is more instant and pulls harder the ktm seems to take awhile then builds up and pulls imo no difference that you would notice to say ktms have the most beast 125 motor out there same shit really who rides a ktm 125 anyways? haha normally its a 144 or a yz 125 and its easier to make a yz 144 better then a stock ktm 144 also soo pick one and ride it
  10. cr85_supermini03

    Will this dent affect performance?

    its a factory fatty
  11. cr85_supermini03

    Yz125 questions for an amatuer

    it doesn't blow it out of the water they are identical with less then 2 seconds a lap difference the 125 is the underdog and the 250f 250 2 stroke are close almost identical
  12. cr85_supermini03

    mx vs atv reflex

    yea but I cant find my cable dubya seen me hit it anyways ^ agreed
  13. cr85_supermini03

    new clutch not engaging till the end?

    I have to let the lever all the way out before it starts to engage and it barely takes off without stalling by that point and there is plenty of slack I have messed with it for hours and it is still the same thing
  14. cr85_supermini03

    new clutch not engaging till the end?

  15. cr85_supermini03

    new clutch not engaging till the end?

    I replaced my clutch cable and plates last season because the clutch engaged with the lever almost all the way out it was useless and barely could take off it was working today for a few laps and now it is back to the same thing? could it be a notched basket:banghead: