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  1. would cams help...witch exhaust gives the most tourqe....light bore/high compression pistion? please dont tell me to put a bigger sprocet on, im talken engine upgrades
  2. zmespeed

    Hot Cam Coating Coming Off

    so i guess my bike realy did come with a hot cam.... thought it did..felt like it...looked at it.... didnt look like the pick on the internet ...but still didnt look like the stock one.....
  3. zmespeed

    Lets talk mud

    mighty impressive thats about as bad as it gets before you have to play the game "find the bike"....happend to a freind of mine. suddenly a puddle..."pond?" out of no where... i hit it with speed and an xr250, got threw it with water splashing over the hanle bars 3-4 feet water with 2-3 feet of ohios finest "mud". buddy rm125...well he flew off and sank. but with in 15 seconds we found it and after 15 minutes of four guys pulling we got it out then after 5 minutes of dry and check time it started right back up. i was impressed.
  4. zmespeed

    can you put a xr100 head on a 95cc big bore xr80

    i just got a 27mm carb off ebay. should be big enough.
  5. zmespeed

    Check this pic out

    buddy!!! jesus!!!! ya!!! hahahah!!!! lol!!!!
  6. title says it all... ive got a hole 1995 xr80 and might get a xr100 engine and mod it or just mod the 80. ....big bor. cams valves port and polish. any thing you can think of. im gonna do it. btw im kinda a newb to this
  7. zmespeed

    can you put a xr100 head on a 95cc big bore xr80

    thanks thanks thanks!!!! will the 100cc fit in an 1995 xr80 frame?
  8. zmespeed

    can you put a xr100 head on a 95cc big bore xr80

    the takegawa superhead is a bit exspensive im just gonna probalbly mod the stock head. got any use full links //the bike is a 1995 xr80
  9. title says it all... ive got an 80 sitting around and feel like making it as powerfull as it can be. port pollish cams vales. any help will help thanks
  10. thats what i was worried about softer metal with the heat expantion. well damit ill have to un wrap it.
  11. but do they become brittle and crack. i wrapped mostly it to keep the sound from exscapeing the header walls.
  12. i heard this some were and i just wrapped my titanium header.... is this true!!!?
  13. zmespeed

    rider numbers? what's with em.

    ive been rideing sence is was 3 but in on a crf450r and only weigh 150 lb with gear. so ive kinda got a big bike for my size. what class should i enter in?
  14. zmespeed

    rider numbers? what's with em.

    ok... so if i enter a race... none mx... with the number 107.. as long as no one else had that number it would be fine?
  15. i normaly just ride off road. i want to put numbers on my bike but i notice the better riders seam to have low numbers... whats the difference bettween pro numbers and amitur numbers.