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    What to pay for a for a 1997 xr250? xr400?

    I own a 2001 Xr250 and my brother owns a 2001 Xr 400. Mods to the Xr250 are -FMF pipe from the 400(mounted ghetto, I hated stock sound) -Removed snorkal -stiffened rear suspension up some -(Locked up motor thanks to neighbor ) Mods to the Xr400 are -FMF power bomb header -FMF trail pipe(forget name, kinda quiet, but is very loud under WOT) -UNI filter -Barkbusters- lowrise bars I'm about 130 pounds, 5'5. I personally would much rather have the 400 than my 250, but it's what I own(currently thinking about a stroker kit, but I need more research, I'm a n00b to building dirtbikes, I'm more into riding them, and building cars). My brother is about my height, but weighs about 180-200 pounds. He loves this bike, and it has more than enough power to get up the woods and thru anything. IMO, the 400 will be better. The 250 is a little lighter, which is good for weak ones(me), but it has nothing for the power of the 400. If you want something you won't get bored with, get the 400. If you want a nimble bike, get a 250. 1st post yay