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  1. DirtRider031

    Starting a new thread about threads

    Haven't made a decision yet. The bolts are indeed M10x1.25 which is not as common as 1.5 unfortunately. Finding the correct bolt on a 1.5 is not going to be easy, especially with a Allen head. Luckily the head does t see huge torque. I think it somewheres around 50 ft/lbs or so. Thinking the bigsert looks like the only option so far unless I take it to a machine shop.
  2. DirtRider031

    Starting a new thread about threads

    Helicoil stripped out, can't put another one in...
  3. DirtRider031

    Starting a new thread about threads

    Replacing that case half is my last option, would rather not replace the the whole case on a bike I rode for 15 minutes. The timesert big-cert looks like a good option! Looking into it...
  4. DirtRider031

    Starting a new thread about threads

    That's exactly what I did this afternoon. After taking it to about 5 different places I finally got a quote out of one. 2-3 hours at 80 an hour. Definitely cheaper then a 300-400 dollar eBay case and all the labor to go with it. Have googled some thread inserts and the make conversions from m14 to m10 but nothing smaller that I could find.
  5. I finally got around to try finish the rebuild on my 09 KTM 450 XCW and was torquing the head down. One of the 4 bolts didn't seem to be tightening properly. I pulled the bolt out and found jb weld on it. I pulled two helicoils out of the jb weld. GREAT! I soon understood why the previous owner used jb weld told hold the inserts in, the hole was drilled too big to helicoil! I don't have any ideas besides splitting the cases and replacing the half. Any ideas are appreciated.
  6. DirtRider031

    Top end rebuild on my 09 450 XCW

    Well after 3 incorrect kits being orderd i finally got the right piston kit! Parts guys... lol. I got a Vertex high compression kit in the end because standard compression was back ordered. Think this will cause a problem running premium pump fuel? Measured the ring end gap with the new ring and its at .013'. The book specs .004', something to worry about? Measured my cylinder but i dont have a dial bore gauge, just measured with telescoping gauge and caliper so I dont know if i trust my measurement of 95.12mm with a service limit of 95.012. I highly doubt that my cylinder would be out of spec with a half decent cross hatch left? Any ktm experts out there?
  7. Why not take the head off and decide if the engine needs to come out after that? No point in taking the engine out if it doesnt need to!
  8. Am I hearing things or is that kx pinging?
  9. DirtRider031

    02 Honda CR125 vs 2011 YZ125

    6th gear doesn't mean it go fatter
  10. Most direct acting relief valves have this characteristic. Pilot operated relief valves are much more efficient and precise but i imagine size is the issue.
  11. DirtRider031

    250 2 stroke crank mess up

    If I were you, I wouldn't do what he said ^
  12. DirtRider031

    Piston kit for 2009 450 XCW

    Think that may have sounded a little more literal then I wanted it to! I found a dealer that was able to located a Wiseco kit for me for 190 so i cant complain, just waiting for it to come in!
  13. DirtRider031

    Piston kit for 2009 450 XCW

    Nobody rebuilding their 450's? lol
  14. DirtRider031

    Piston kit for 2009 450 XCW

    Sorry about the multi posts, kept saying bad connection to server
  15. Measured everything up and decided to put a new top end in my XCW, the ring end gap was at .035"!!! Its supposed to be around .004. Thats probably what blew out the base gasket. Anyways, called about OEM kit and they want 440.00 for the kit without gaskets!! Not happening, I looked on wiseco's site and apartently they dont make a kit for the 09, only up till 07, is this true? Found a vertex kit at ktmparts but has no size designation for cylinder size, i have a (1) cylinder. Just curious what kind a top ends you guys are going with, where you are getting them, and for how much? Thanks!